Wholesale Large Screen Car DVD Player with Bluetooth – 1 Din From China

www.chinavasion.com Check out this awesome 1 DIN Car DVD Player with Bluetooth & 7″ TFT LCD Display. It has a fully retractable motorized screen complete with touchscreen and remote control operation. It is Bluetooth enable and can be coupled with a range of auxillary devices like a rear view camera.Producing outstanding video and audio this unit also has a TV tuner & a whole range of great funtions.Easy to install and just the thing to enhance your drive time! www.chinavasion.com also offers a 12 month warranty on this great system and great wholesale prices. you may also want to look at our great Dropshipping program. Take a look at our on-line store today and see just what an amazing range of Automotive Entertainment Systems we offer. www.chinavasion.com

14 Responses to Wholesale Large Screen Car DVD Player with Bluetooth – 1 Din From China

  • denissecruizperez says:

    can it play cd’s while the screen is inside?

  • viewtech123 says:

    Wholesale china cheapest car dvd player, car gps, car monitors, car audio, car video and other Automobile Entertainment products, We have our own factory and have more than 10 partnership factories to enlarge our product line according to customer demand.

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  • chinavasion says:


    Could you get in contact with us at support @ chinavasion . com (without the spaces) so we can resolve that problem for you?

  • hustl3r09 says:

    I am having a problem with this system 2… It kicks me out to main menu after few seconds of playing a cd or watching a dvd and also with a touch screen. It does not allow me to touch on the menus, regardless of where I touch on the screen it takes me to different options. Can you please advise whats up with that ?

  • Miselino009 says:

    vyberam vyberam a nieco si urcite od vas kupim:)

  • corporatebastard says:

    don’t mention it ;)

  • chinavasion says:

    Hi Raicosr2, you could send an email to us at support @ chinavasion . com (without the spaces) and we will try to help you out.

  • raicosr2 says:

    someone know if you can buy spares for this screen??? I need the flex and engines .. saludos

  • manojprasad1 says:

    nice lol i hav dat but the brand is pioneer fuk and the bluetooth rage is not much far !!!

  • phantom1900789 says:

    Thanks for solving my question

  • corporatebastard says:

    Well, first having too many systems can end up causing interference between different devices; even wires are known to sometimes cause interference. That is one of the reasons they are insulated. The other thing I am not sure about your amp, I think its wise to consult a technician as it seems you are having issues with wiring.

  • corporatebastard says:

    Yeah you could.

    The iPod shuffle should work fine as it is connected through a mini USB connection, you might need a USB female adapter to mini USB.

  • phantom1900789 says:

    can i hook this to my ipod with the mini usb port?

  • smylee3760 says:

    how much to nyc?

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