What is Curbstoning?

Curbstoning is the unlicensed “flipping” of used cars. We visited wholesale dealer auction, ADESA Birmingham, to talk to dealers about curbstoning.
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3 Responses to What is Curbstoning?

  • RomanicusMaximus says:

    why all the dealers featured here have beer belly?

  • johnnyboypdq says:

    You mean a private owner of a car and this is called curbstoning? You stupid fuks, it’s buyer beware, STUPID CAR DEALERS! They are trying to make it ILLEGAL FOR A PRIVATE OWNERS TO SELL A CAR! Can you not see this this is a bunch of assholes trying to corner the market and make it impossible for private owners to sell their cars without using some state fictional authroity to protect the buyer, thats BULLSHIT! They are not out to protect you, just want your money! F-in Liars! PROPAGANDA!!!

  • cygmx says:

    The licensed car sellers, as many people do, have an axe to grind. They would like you to buy only from them, and sell only to them. The licensed “flipping” of old cars is apparently still o.k.?

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