West Park Battery Thief Locked Himself Out of Getaway Car: Broward Sheriff's

West Park Battery Thief Locked Himself Out of Getaway Car: Broward Sheriff's
Watch as the man beats at the window five times with a crowbar before he's able to open the door of the car again. He then places two more batteries in his trunk before driving away from Lou's Super Service Auto Repair. Battery Thief Locked Himself out.
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New Orleans-area bribery allegations suggest those on the take don't take much
The garage was filled with cars needing repair, and rather than go through the hassle of moving them, she just scraped the old tag off my window and extended her hand for my money. I gave her the same amount I'd have given an inspector who actually …
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The event will include the 1st Aftermarket Marketing Seminar, followed by the 2nd Repair Workshop Conference, Tyre Day (Neumaforum), the 1st Auto Window Repair Competition, or the 2nd Latin American Aftermarket Business Forum. The original German …
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SOARES: Life between the ponds
Ted had the windshield wipers going full tilt to clear the bugs off the windscreen, and I recall looking out the window toward the pond and seeing a live carpet of white on the surface. I was told this was an annual occurrence and it certainly … If …
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