UKTV Gold Adverts 03 02 2005

0:00 UKTV tonight at 9pm – UKTV Logo inside a tin of pilchards 0:30 Cats Protection – Charity Appeal, cats eye view of the world 1:31 PRU Health – Medical insurance, man looks out of window at people in flat block opposite 2:01 Welcome Car Finance – Car warehouse with Beverley French 2:32 Abbey (National) Loans – Animated black and white line drawings , featuring “Me” and “My Money” 3:02 Norwich Union Direct Home Insurance – Craig Cash in the kitchen with burnt wallpaper behind a grill, Suggs voice over 3:23 JML Wonder Wipers – Cut price car windscreen wipers with Multi-blade technology 3:53 Tempur Mattresses – Customer testimonies 4:04 Yamaha Clavinova Electric Piano – granddaughter and grandfather (Terrence Hardiman) at the piano 4:34 All Of Us – Trailer for comedy series on Trouble Channel 5:04 UKTV Gold – Enjoy Ident 5:07 UKTV For the Love of British Telly – Animated trailer, man walks through television with various audio samples from various UKTV programmes 5:36 AOL Unlimited Broadband – Man looking at photos from Stag do reaches his Monthly download limit 6:07 Oreck XL7 Vacuum Cleaner – Woman vacuums strip of carpet 7:07 Alliance and Leicester Loans – Man compares interest rates of other lenders on monoliths 7:38 More Than Insurance – Lucky The Dog 8:08 AXA Sun Life Guaranteed Over 50 Plan – June Whitfield in a Cinema 9:09 Yorkshire Tourist Board – Phil Preston’s National Park, Katy’s Minster, Anita’s Arcade, Jill and Robin Wood’s Bay 9:39 Extreme Makeover UK
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Part two of my installation. Shows How to wire the Metra BT-5520 to add an amplifier to your stock stereo. Also shows the route taken for running speaker wires, and some tips for your installation. Thanks! Also check out my other videos for how to remove the Head Unit if you couldn’t figure it out. The video was too long so I made a separate video for that. Materials Used: Panel Removal Kit Metra BT-5520 Wiring Harness Kicker ZX700.5 5 Channel Amplifier Kicker CK44 4-Channel Amp Install Kit (2x) Kicker ZISL (09ZISL) (Speaker Wire to RCA Conversion) Kicker ZXRC (10ZXRC) (Bass Remote Control) Single Subwoofer Box from Alpine SWS-1043D Type-S Subwoofer 300w DVC @4ohms (4x) Infinity Kappa 682.9CF Door Speakers (6×9′s) (100w @ 2ohms) **I used a roll of solder to fish the speaker wires through the side panels. I’m sure a coat hanger would work, but solder is more flexible and wont damage anything like a coat hanger might. **As noted in the video, if you used the same amplifier wiring kit, be aware that this kit comes with *barely enough* speaker wire to run through a supercrew. So don’t leave a lot of slack on the ends as you will run out of wire. Any questions, leave in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!
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25 Responses to UKTV Gold Adverts 03 02 2005

  • ajo229 says:

    hey man did you notice a difference between the factory and the amp you installed

  • MrSeanIV says:

    Check out my f150

    Jl audio w3v3 8 inch ported
    Jl audio 500/1
    Jl audio 300/4
    Hertzs speakers
    Stinger wire

  • mikejordan218 says:

    So my question is, does your Sync still work? According to Crutchfield you have to use a Sync interface adaptor to make anything work with the stock stereo. I’m just wanting to add a self powered sub and use the Kicker RCA interface like you did, instead of the speaker wire input to the amp.

  • theorginalenjoikid says:

    I’m thinking about doing something similar instead of redoing my harness tho I was thinking of using a 6channel line output converter, same truck just a little different way of setting things up

  • ViperVenom says:

    exactly! it should be under the hood as close to the battery as possible

  • mpayne811 says:

    If I were to follow what you did here will sync still work?

  • 1Charlitos2 says:

    hey, the cuts you did in the harness was before or after the bluetooth device? and you bought a metra harness replacement?

  • goldeneye4564 says:

    hey man I am going to install an amp in my dads truck (jl 900/5) and he has a 2009 F250 without premium sound. The adaptor you bought for your truck should work on his too right? I am sure thinking so but wanted to know what you thought. Thanks

  • budweiser543 says:

    your a dumb ass dont put your fuse in the back of the truck if something shorts out your whole power wire will burn up till it reaches the fuse

  • Jordan Walter says:

    He’s using line level input from his stock radio to provide signal to the amp. It works but since hes using the stock radio and no signal processor its going to lack because the stock radio cuts off the signal low and high to make sure you don’t destroy the shitty stock speakers.

  • baseballer38069 says:

    Just an fyi. U should place your fuse close to the battery. No more then 18 inch from the battery. Otherwise it looks good. And idk if u checked the ohm load of every speaker to match it to the amp so your amp doesnt start overheating when u crankup the volume over time.

  • BABYFACE702 says:

    if ur speakers r goin tomthe amp, why would u run em bak to the stereo.??????

  • elCatrin91 says:

    that install was awesome man id hire you to come do my car

  • xRobby180 says:


  • rigrat2011 says:

    also, i forgot to ask… aren’t you concerned with the heat from the amp onto the back carpet and the back seats?

  • rigrat2011 says:

    hey man, i got the same truck with the same trim. i noticed that you don’t have a power rear window.
    i also noticed that you’ve got what looks to be a factory wireing harness of some sort that comes from the passenger side. maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but i gotta ask…
    do you know if the truck is pre-wired for the power window? i plan on getting a power window for my truck (also 2010 supercrew XTR) and i have watched your part 1 & 2 about 30 times each now. i’m gonna wire my shit the same

  • Luke Jones jr says:

    A bro cool vid man.great setup oll show u mine but, one concern and it is your fuse is to far from the battery it should be a foot.away so you dont blow your wire to the amp

  • Jordan McCabe says:

    The Box I bought was from SuperCrewSound. Check the Specs on the Mounting depth for the Kicker 12″ Sub that you have, and check the Mounting Depth Dimensions of a box that fits under the seat. There isnt much room, I think it was 5.25″ if I can remember correctly. And I had one 10″ Sub under the back passenger seat, it will be even harder with a 12″ Sub, Unless its a Shallow-Mount Kicker Sub.

  • PJMvideos says:

    I have one question. This is for anyone that can answer… I have a 500 watt alpine amp and a 12″ kicker sub ( I don’t know the exact specs right now ). Is there anyway for me to get a Box that i can fit under the back passenger seats to where i can fold them all down and everyone can sit? I’m getting a new 2012 F-150 XLT Super Crew and I really want to know if i can do so. I had a Mustang and it fit snugly in the back.

  • JR1CANO says:

    Hey bro, the power should run on one side and RCA on the other side. Cool vid

  • vellrob says:

    My man said, “No! Shut the hell up!” ha! ha! ha! Nice vid brugh…ha! ha!

  • rmatthews8984 says:

    Cell phone falling @ 13:40. Nice touch. Is the bass deep?

  • TMKSilenced says:

    I did this for my first car back in 03′ just kinda figured it out as I went. I’m a little timid to try it on my new truck though but I need a damn sub, just a small one since the system comes with no low frequency sound. Would you mind messaging me, i would love to talk to you about your install in a little more detail and see if your open to being my tech support per say when I do attempt this.

  • bwy0874 says:

    Just one note, its a bad idea to put fuse that far from battery. If the wire shorts on the source side of the fuse it will burn up. Try to put it within a foot or so of battery.

  • cestaro420 says:

    nice. this video was well made

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