Triumph Stag_Wheeler Dealers_Part.4/5

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  • PhatArtz says:

    Hmmm, good point, thanks :) 

  • jgizzy says:

    More romantic and crude – connects better with the viewer who may not have anything but hand tools.

  • PhatArtz says:

    Edd, why you no use airtools??

  • fvpaquetqc says:

    Why rev the engine when it’s cold?

  • RAT1969 says:

    @teedzy1 Not my fault youtube dunt work when i clearly typed your user id in correctly with @sign ? and you are complaining cos you complained about others ‘commenting’ on here……’nt that what its for?
    For the record i have an Audi Cabriolet with a WR/UR quattro engine in it and other mods in progress , so i know a bit about cars and therefore a right to comment, check my vids soon and feel free to comment on my other vids like my R8 led headlight mod (made myself i might add ! )

  • teedzy1 says:

    Yeah ,how about,great show,or thanks for the post,or gee that Edd is amazing,everybody is so clever….and rude. If you are a true car guy ,you have to love this show,cheers.

  • teedzy1 says:

    I dont see your reply if you dont send it to me dickhead,and Im not the one complaining.

  • canisfamilliaris says:

    I know, who’d have thought youtube would attract so many expert mechanics. I bet no sooner have they got out of work after building they’re Formula 1 engine, they’re on youtube tutting about how they’d have done it better.
    Or could it be they’re the usual internet fantasists?

  • Michael McLean says:

    Ed = “Car Whisperer”

  • RAT1969 says:

    @teedzy1 ok, you pay for the show, go out and spend £1000-5000 on a car ,and i’ll star in the show n fix it !!!

  • teedzy1 says:

    So many guys who watch this show seem to know so much more than Edd,you should get your own show.So I don’t have to read your comments.

  • damnuwench1 says:

    The Stag looks like a lancia without the bumper on. I know same design house… but the bumper really brings the English element out. That said i would take it straight off.

  • Loftworthy says:

    The diff failed on the Triumph Spitfire they did a while back. Edd should have seen this coming.

  • triumph1974 says:

    He didn’t bother to change the diff input seal and output seals while he had it apart?

  • Adrian P says:

    the 500 quid hood is a load of crap. Tx for upload!

  • majkiboy86 says:

    at 3.47 if u stop the video the diff. looks like a front of a scooter :D or am i just tired?

  • dy zolytan says:

    1:40 – nice move :)

  • withapulse says:

    I dont think they would have REALLY thrown it out. even the special nuts and bolts on the hood cost a fortune. I think it was done for dramatic effect only as its all custom made and lots would be salvageable, if not all of it. I must say as a stag owner the hoods can be a bloody pain to stow and fit if everything not perfect and not bent or out of line.

  • withapulse says:

    sooooooooooooo glad i watched this episode. I have bought a diff from a Mk 1 saloon triumph saloon which is interchangeable and a higher ratio and should drop the revs by at least 250rpm maybe 500 as the stag revs stupidly high at 60mph (about 3000). was going to tackle the job this weekend! in NZ not too hard to still get old car parts!

  • Davis Vagalis says:

    Why they threw out that old roof, it could been useful for other Stag owners.

  • thefirestorm10t says:


    “They could’ve refurbished or had refurbished the hood frame!! ;-(”
    Do they really need to do it twice?

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