Toyota Corolla auto transmission fluid change 2007 type s the unconventional way

showing a unconventional way to change fluids out. As I had a code, and will be observing within a two week time, the drain plug was as loose as falling off. normally the plugs are cranked on. simple 3.5 qts can be found online, your favorite sites, and you should use Toyotas transmission fluid, not other conventional ones. Dexron may be used for oldwe cars as stated by Toyota.

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  • widrickfcarylono says:

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  • looncraz says:

    Changing the fluid without changing the filter isn’t a waste of time. The filter will likely still be perfectly fine long after the fluid begins to degrade. Granted, I’d change the filter at least every 30/45k and do a drain and fill for the fluid every 15k. You are simply keeping the fluid in decent shape.

    This saves money, time, and offers pretty much the same level of protection overall.

  • fishycomics says:

    One owrd toyota dealer, wasted time.

  • Upyrazz says:

    Fishy Comics & all u ccksukers…go to Wal-marx/Wal-mart (where 80% of products are Chinese of origin & the other 15% ar from India/Bangledesh/Malaysia)
    Buy the Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid. It is specifically called out by Castrol to be used in place of Type T, T-III & T-IV. Wal-marx # 004214912

  • fishycomics says:

    The Pan I got at my local store,called Strause, been in business since 1908, Orginated at Newark NJ. Pep Boys. also kinda known as Strause , one of the bros of Strause.. Wal-mart. or any local store, but styles always change. It is not the best but does the trick thank you for asking

  • pdtowle79 says:

    May I ask where you got that catch pan for the fluid? That’s awesome and I want one! Thank you

  • apos4432 says:

    Thanks for the video. I had success with the oil change video. Will try this soon on my 2010 Corolla. I’ll probably have to do it 3-4 times since the fluid was black…I ignored it until now since the dipstick said it’ll last forever haha. Any idea at which torque to tighten on the 2010 Corolla’s 10mm hex bolt?

  • fishycomics says:


  • zeusdogdog says:

    Your a dumb, You don’t now what your doing. You need to change the TRANSMISSION FILTER or all of what your doing is a total WAST of time.

  • djlaiguana1 says:

    Hello I have a question, I have a Hyundai santa fe 2.7L V6 4WRD year 2001 and the transmission is slipping in any position, I change the oil but did not find the transmission filter, my question is, is inside the transmission or this out, I can not find it on my Hyundai santa fe.
    Where to find it, because I was told to me that there are two different types of filters, is inside or outside the transmission …???

  • iluxionz says:

    Great job!! thank you so much!!

  • fishycomics says:

    “I OWN ONE” and I will not be going that route but will demostrate vs the actual. unless you like to donate the funds, or ask the Ass marek0086 to pay for it he is the expert!

  • MrMirra456 says:

    Nice video can u make a video changing transmission fluid on 2010 Toyota corolla

  • fishycomics says:

    FYI no partnership here, second unconventional covers every ange, and you are right. I am totally losing ya.

  • marek0086 says:

    Why dont u stop crying like a emotionally messed up child because i called u on the fact that u dont know what the heck you’re doing!, and not take it like a total loser and be glad that im actually telling you how to do it properly!

    Or maybe u dont really care about that, maybe all you care about is the ADMIRATION from people and/or the MONEY that you’re making from all these videos!

  • fishycomics says:

    rather be a total Ass.or desrespectful, offer the advice in a manner we all can understand, Sometimes you have to rely on Old school vs new school. forexample when you get stuck on the road and you over heat. what would you do. turn the heater on full force or shut down the car. we all know not to open the cap up, or even bother to lift the hood.

  • fishycomics says:

    that I cannot answer, and may have to rely on some books

  • marek0086 says:

    Ye… u still check it with the engine running! DERP!

  • marek0086 says:

    You’re pathetic you know that?

    Get a grip!

  • fishycomics says:

    I try nott stop to their level. I kep opimistic. If I heled oe out, my video paid offit did 48,500 views and 50 pus comments.

  • marek0086 says:

    Brake fluid doesnt evaporate… it leaves a lot of residue u moron.

  • fishycomics says:

    you are da man  let us know when you ge into the top 100 video’slet alone 6 and 36 followers

  • marek0086 says:

    Well u already wasted your time making a useless video.  Why not waste a little more time.

  • fishycomics says:

    why waste  my time replying

  • marek0086 says:

    Do everyone a favour and stop making stupid videos!!

    You dont even know what you’re doing!…. u didnt even clean out or replace the filter!…. and u check the fluid with the engine running!!

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