Timing belt replacement Dodge Neon 2002 water pump replacement remove and replace 2.0

f2fb7aea.tubeviral.com – Tipjar Site. Timing belt replacement Dodge Neon timing belt remove and replace. Anyone can copy and paste this link or click on it to get the puller that you NEED for this JOB. http Water pump should be replaced as well on the Dodge Neon while you are under the timing cover. This 2.0 Liter engine is an interference fit so if the belt breaks there can be engine damage – ie valves bending Be aware of the special tool(s) needed for removing and replacing the timing belt and water pump on the 2002 Dodge Neon 2.0 Liter. (This is true of other years as well) If you have found my video to be useful and has saved you time/money please visit f2fb7aea.tubeviral.com My tipjar and informational site. See a short video, an opportunity to donate AND a couple links to sites that offer you Full access to repair information for your specific car without having to hunt around the internet for it. Autotechviewpoint provides videos for informational purposes only and cannot be held liable for injury, damage, problems that arise when trying to duplicate steps shown in videos. I will be paid by Amazon a percentage of money if you purchase through any Amazon links on my youtube channel. http
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Learn how to install window tint to the inside of your vehicle’s window – free video.
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49 Responses to Timing belt replacement Dodge Neon 2002 water pump replacement remove and replace 2.0

  • potzincu says:

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  • Freddie Krueger says:

    I hit it again today with the neighbors 16 cfm 200ft lbs compressor and impact wrench and it still didn’t budge.

  • Freddie Krueger says:

    I have a 230ft lb torque wrench and it wouldn’t budge the crankshaft pulley bolt, how much torque do I need to get the bolt off? They sell impact wrenches up to 600lbs for under $200, which I hope I don’t need.

  • marbleknight says:

    Hi, thanks for the great video. Pretty sure my belt just broke as I cranked up the engine in the driveway a few minutes ago… the engine just died, and when I turned it over again it sounded like zero compression (starter freely turns engine). Is there a quick way to tell if the valves got damaged? I would scrap the car if so – I’m not going through all this mess to replace the belt if the valves have to be replaced as well. Thanks!

  • Autotechviewpoint says:

    this one did not, my experience a decent percentage do not, but do not take a chance, change it when you need to.

  • EricVonZipper2 says:

    I know these are interference engines, did this engine happen to damage any valves? I am hoping that it doesn’t always happen.

  • outlander108 says:

    great job! but this video tells u that whoever designed the dodge engine is a retard!
    I owned one it took me hours to remove the alternator and put a new one …

  • MidnightClubin says:

    my chrysler neon lx still has its factory installed timing belt… 180 000km and still running :D

  • goldenchipmaster says:

    hey anyone know the bolt pattern on a 02 ram 1500 4.7 water pump

  • Autotechviewpoint says:

    Kind of depends on how much mechanical experience you have. I would say 4-6 hours. You line up the timing marks before putting on the belt, and just make sure that the pulleys do not move when you put the belt on. You should always turn the engine over by hand once or twice and recheck to make sure the marks line up.

  • amberrode413 says:

    And how do you aline the timing when putting on the new belt?

  • amberrode413 says:

    How long do you think this job will take all together?

  • Psycho2insane says:

    ok i got everything back together now when i start my car the head lights and blinker is on at start of car. When i try to turn off lights or blinker engine shuts off any ideas???

  • Autotechviewpoint says:

    Why did you replace the belt? Maintenance or because it broke? Either way really sorry to hear it is not starting. You can take the #1 spark plug out, look inside and pull the little plug on the timing cover then turn the engine over looking in the spark plug hole and watch for the piston to come to the very top, and look in the hole in the timing cover and see if you can see the cam timing mark, may need to spin engine over 1 revolution if you do not.

  • insane96792 says:

    Ok i got everything back on but my car wont start all belts turn but car wont start any ideas

  • Psycho2insane says:

    Yeah… can’t get it in cause I can’t get the engine high enough to put it back on how did u get the engine high enough to put it back in with out forcing it in

  • Autotechviewpoint says:

    So you got the timing cover out and you are trying, tried to put it back together?

  • Psycho2insane says:

    Jacked up car but can’t get engine high enough to put in timing cover is there something else I gotta loosen.

  • mike11c4 says:

    The timing belt broke in my wife’s neon and it’s really not worth what it would cost to take it to a shop and have all this work done. I’m not a mechanic but I do have a little mechanical ability and I am really good a following instructions. Your video gave me the confidence to tackle this job myself. The first thing I did was make a list of things to buy, including the T55 torx bit and the balancer puller. I also replaced the water pump as suggested. Thanks.

  • fishunter112 says:

    Tip: When removing the cam gear use the broken belt to “cushion” the Channellock”s grip on the gear. This will prevent marring the gear surface.

  • Autotechviewpoint says:

    Usually not, a little trickier because the 2 camshaft sprockets do not want to naturally line up timing marks. You have to hold/move them to line up timing marks and install belt.

  • Tony Melendez says:

    the Chrsyler 2.0 is a sweet engine to work on the 2.4 is a sweet paint in the ass. is it any easier with a dual overhead Camshaft?

  • Tony Melendez says:

    This set up is exactly the same as a PT Cruiser’s :( . How did you get that mid engine motor mount to align,after putting everything back together? did you have to have the upper and lower mounting struts off ? was it easier to install with then on ,although there’s no movement on the enginemwith those things installed
     installed !

  • Autotechviewpoint says:

    Odds are good that there will be no bent valves, putting a belt on is really the cheapest way to check.  Other than that take off the heads to be inspected.

  • JeffTheTinter says:

    That is how it’s not done right……

  • JeffTheTinter says:

    Lmao you guys need me to show you how it’s done right. First off keep you hands off the film, second quit folding that shit in half. Third it’s a frameless window so why do you have the liner still on? You are creatin more dirt and wasting your time.

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  • TheGnarlyVideos says:

    are you talking about vinyal wrapping?

  • hevarkaftan says:

    hello sir , i have seen cars that there body has been tinted with some kind of paper , can you tell me what does that called or is there a tutorial on how to tint the cars body?

  • anthonyv6612 says:

    Make it look easy, I never get it rite

  • onastynastyo says:

    niggas making cars shady

  • DanielRichards644 says:

    Most shopd take longer because this video didn’t show even half of what is going on in a tint job, ot how time consuming the back window is. Any decent tint shop will remove the interior door panel so they don’t have to jamb the tint around the felt strip like this guy did across the bottom of the window plus there is the prep work of thoroughly cleaning the window and cutting the tint to size, and in many cases heat shrinking the tint to the curves of the glass.

  • CARMELOPLAY8 says:

    Nice work, it looks very easy, I tried, but was not lucky, it requires a lot of practice, but thanks for sharing

  • Carrie Saunderson says:


  • yipeokia1 says:

    yeap I think imma just have a professional do it lol!

    Yeap Sparky, you’d betta !

  • Beth Andrea says:

    One thing I really hate about DIY tinting is the bubbles that most such cars have…what do the pros do to prevent bubbles?

  • sam conder says:

    Thanks to expert village, and nice work

  • chevybrat says:

    Very informative, and great presentation

  • tellygoodnow says:

    that comment is just a perfect example of reverse racism

  • Richard DiTommaso says:

    Thanks for this video !

  • Nishaminarusieo says:

    whoa,the 1st time i took my car to get it tint in the shop,it took the guys 3hrs.to finish (i was the only customer that morning). I didnt know it was this easy;now i can do this myself :-D

  • LpProdMaster says:

    tool. paying for a easy job like this…

  • Jeffrey Perry says:

    Not experts when choosing a camera to shoot this with.

  • Benjamin LeBlanc says:

    its only ten bucks for a whole roll of tint… it cost what, 200 for it to be installed? Easiest 200 I ever saved… lol

  • 408hsyes says:

    To complated rather take it to the shop

  • remi2029 says:


  • Ja'Len Flowers says:

    What does his appearance have to do with installing tint? You’re here to learn how to install tint. Not watch a fashion show. I’m sure you don’t wear a business suit while you’re installing tint! LOL

  • lordwisp says:

    Very helpful, thanks!

  • Ad0akes says:

    Could have shown viewers how to tuck it into the door seal.not very informative for the DIYer.

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