The Universe Made Car Sales People

There is a reason we have people who sell cars. This video is for everyone in the business. Feel free to distribute away! BUT… please.. do not re-label it …

25 Responses to The Universe Made Car Sales People

  • doobiedoo73 says:

    hahaha. Everyone in our sales meeting laughed our asses off. I giggled at everything, so true.

  • Jason Powell says:

    Why are there 65 dislikes? They could not have done this job. I’ve been at it 15 years and all I can say is here here but now as a manager, I do work to build up not tear down.

  • courageousfaithful says:

    You don’t start truly living life until you get out of the comfort zone. Does not hurt to have something on the side to fall back on or to do part time, but if you looking for success just jump in and give it all you have and more!!! When you feel like you cant give anymore start working twice as hard!!

  • mjpitche says:

    That about covers the job. It’s the hardest job I ever had. The financing part is the best because so many people are in such poor shape, then run a salesman around for hours just to not be able to buy the car because they have a 500 credit score. I didn’t realize how many people have fucked up credit until I got in that business.

  • 1984Chrysler says:


  • Amanda Spacaj-Gorham says:

    I started selling cars in 1992 and this is the best video I’ve ever seen about the car business. I’ll be sharing it with all my dealers in the South Central Region.  Thank You Chris Adams!

  • yellowbirdlee3 says:

    It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. Sales Manager for Broadway KIA. Love it.

  • jazzdude904 says:

    You’re looking for the right car to buy and that is what I’m here for.

    Or my favorite

    So you are telling me you took time out of your day to come to a car dealership just to look. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time. Trust me, I’m here 6 days a week.

  • Patrick Duff says:

    This made me fucking cry…Lifer in the biz

  • evo8rcr says:

    Our gm played this in our sales meeting top cat at a nissan store 2years in a row in can relate 100% awesome video…in the biz for 7 years here

  • x408GT408x says:

    In Russia cars sell you

  • steve seagraves says:

    22 years in the car business. people will always need cars. people will always need salespersons. some say the internet has changed the car business. next time you have a problem, call the internet, it won’t listen………..

  • Jirzy5 says:

    Classic, if ur a true “car. Guy” u can relate to everything that was said

  • Jim Freeman says:

    cars sell themselves

  • Larry Peiser says:

    Gives a new perspective to an obviously misunderstood career.

  • w1ckedbackhand says:

    Honda salesman here, with 18 years in the business, and I couldn’t nail it any better! Thanks for sharing!

  • Chris Adams says:

    Just do it. It’s amazing. It’s just like a job!

  • Stephen S says:

    I’d just like to say how much I love this video Chris – even though I’m not in the business (yet). I have loved cars and people ever since I can remember – and have always wanted to sell them, yet have held back due to concern about lack of stable income & benefits.

  • Erik Asplund says:

    This is AWESOME! I’m selling cars in Sweden (3 yrs and going strong) and this is the cold truth of selling cars, people should appreciate not talk down this awesome profession!

  • crazyswampbob12ga says:

    Nissian blows macawk

  • Chris Dietz says:

    Great video Nissan salesman right here for a little over 2 years

  • AJ Nicholas says:

    “I’m just looking, I’m not buying.”

  • airborneSOLDIER666 says:

    Its all so true, been selling for a year and a half now. T0he whole coffee pizza and adreneline thing aint no joke haha

  • Ryan Schmidt says:

    Huhuhhuhuhuhh… You said “wood.” Huhhuhhuh…

  • Chris Adams says:

    THANK YOU! There will be more coming..

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