Teardrop Trailer – How I Built Our Teardrop Trailer

Construction photos showing the how I built our Teardrop Trailer.
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  • organbient says:

    Great job on the build and the video!

  • bdosborn says:

    That’s the hatch. I clamped it to the bench while the glue dried on the skin.

  • David Stokley says:

    At 5:45 what is that brown board ?

  • bdosborn says:

    It took me a year to build it. You could probably build one for $1500 if you’re careful and good at scrounging materials. Go to tntt.com for more info

  • Slitherous1 says:

    nice trailer . what is the piece of music called ? kinda got a steely dan sound to it .

  • bdosborn says:


  • Bill Hower says:

    So awesome. Dave, I am planning to build one of these. Can I email you if I have questions?

  • bambislicer says:

    typically, a police officer would come out and look at it and write it up as a homemade trailer. just have a bill of sale of some sort. again this is what I went through without a hitch and I’m building mine now. hope that helps

  • bdosborn says:

    Depends on the county where you live, Call your DMV ask them what you need to do to license a home built trailer.

  • cmanrocs says:

    I love this! Inside and out! I’m wanting to make one of my own, starting with an old trailer frame I can get for nothing. My question is, how do you get a license plate for one of these things? There is no serial number or anything, so, how does it work?

  • td84 says:

    Wow, this is very impressive and for the price.  I’m considering building myself one of these.

  • Incharge7734 says:

    Can you tell me how much the materials cost you to build this specific teardrop. Also how many hours of work to the finished product? Any info you can offer would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • bdosborn says:

    Kuffle Creek

  • Ricardo Galvan says:


  • lookylookylookylooky says:

    Your videos inspired me to build my own teardrop. It’s an extremely simple version, but I’m having lots of fun with it! You also inspired me to make a video similar to yours.

  • 88pimpin says:

    You spent, what, with the solar panels, about $5k? $8k? Add some time in, and if you were paid by the hour, forget about it. But if you want something elegant like this, and knowing you built it yourself, it’s worth it. However, I’m looking at something easy to start from, like bare-bare-bones model. Like if MacGuyver built something and only had a few hours. I’ve got plenty of equipment to start with, including a pop-up trailer that has been stripped, LED tails, marine battery, etc.

  • bdosborn says:

    Google “Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers”. All your questions will be answered in the forum…

  • oldcrowsurvival says:

    Awesome Vid and music. What about plans, blue prints and the like. I have a small trailer base that I would like to convert over to this. What about DMV regs and specs. Road legalities. Mouth is watering over the trailer and foot is tapping to the music. what do you do for a living? Classic example of human necessity birthing invention.

  • 381polaris says:

    great job looks great

  • hairyreasoner says:

    Fantastic. Kudos to you, sir.

  • bdosborn says:

    Depends on how nice you build it. You could build a bare bones model for $1,000.

  • bdosborn says:

    The trailer is a 4′X8′. That was a bit too narrow for us so we sold it and built another  trailer.

  • Travis Tomlinson says:

    how much would it cost to construct one ???

  • jimmydenham says:

    gday,,sorry it may have been talked about already,,but was just curious as to what width you made the camper,,here a standard sheet of ply is 2400×1200 (8x4ft)..
    but all the vids i look at the trailers seem wider than that,,,great vid and great job on your camper,,credit to you.

  • bdosborn says:

    Why not, I did… ;-)

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