Smart Start and Viper 5901 Part 1 Infiniti QX56 SmartStart

This is the Viper 5901 with the Smart Start on my Infiniti QX56. Please comment and feel free to ask questions. Thanks hope this was helpful. Links to the parts: 5901 System: Battery Back up: Tilt Sensor: Audio Sensor: SmartStart: Sorry I don’t have the link to that. They have two units out in the market now. One with GPS and one without. In the video they only had the normal one at the time but since then, I have upgraded to the GPS system which works great!

25 Responses to Smart Start and Viper 5901 Part 1 Infiniti QX56 SmartStart

  • Abhishek Nandur says:

    where can i buy the smart start module?

  • darla mckeena says:

    when the car is already turned on, are you still going to push start or you just need to release the brake?

  • raejaybigpapi says:

    How much room is there between the top of the car and the top of the garage door when you pull in/out? My mom used to have that model QX and I know that the car is HUGE! Putting that car in our garage was really tight.

  • Hong Zhenwei says:

    hi, sorry to side track. i read on the website of viper’s local dealer, they mentioned that on top of the extra cost from incurring another gsm sim card, we still need to pay a yearly subscription fee to viper?

    this it true?

  • janaeaworstery says:

    Your automobile agent does not desire you to find out the fact that you are overpaying these folks. Go to this web site and get a more favorable package on car insurance.

  • kavizote says:

    good day…i just had my alarm installed and i just wanna ask if the 5901 has proximity sensors? im getttin confused at the manual…thanks.i will really appprc8 ur response.

  • TonyyNguyen says:

    What kind of bypass did you had install?

  • Daywalkertwentyseven says:

    Taught it was 5656

  • monster4u22 says:

    Yes you can. They are considered two different “remotes” . If the battery dies, you can simply recharge it. It comes with a charger. and you can use the app at anytime. The only thing you might want to be careful about is that you live in an are where you have good phone signals, since the app runs on your phone.

  • keyshawnjennings says:

    question what if the battery in your remote dies on you can you still use the smart start app on your iphone until you replace the battery? also do i have to reset the remote or will it work the same way when i replace the battery?

  • monster4u22 says:

    Yes I do :)

  • MrAlexxmoney says:

    do you have a radar detector in your car>?

  • monster4u22 says:

    Yes it does have a shock sensor but sometime that’s not enough. If someone was to slowly tilt the car on a jack to get the rims off, it wouldn’t detect it but the tilt sensor would. It’s just an added protection.

  • simonowns says:

    u said u got the tilt sensor, but doesnt the viper alarm come with a shock sensor to detect movement as you said if your car was getting towed or someone trying to take ur rims

  • hellofyou says:

    seems like your pass on your phone for the app is 6565 sorry if im right even if im wrong im drunk as fuck xD

  • vaajchang says:

    Installation with this alarm varies with the model and make of your car. An audio shop quoted me for 460.

  • MRspirt says:

    great :) )

  • Rick Stylus says:

    lot of remote controls…

  • monster4u22 says:

    It’s called a radar detector… There are many out there…I have a Beltronics 995…it’s about $200 on Amazon… Hope that helps and good luck!

  • brockty44 says:

    what is that thing from your winshield? i know it detects a cop radar, i jsut want to know what its called so i can buy one

  • cazimmerman21 says:

    ummm, umm, ummmm,ummmm,ummmmm x1,000

  • 22220eddy says:

    Hey bro I just had a some questions cuz I just bought one too but how do u change da color on da pager, and da time on da pager as well it don’t really explain much on da manual book,would u happen to know how…if u do let me know ill appreciate it

  • monster4u22 says:

    You still need the keys in order to run the car…you can remote start it but once you get in the car…you need the keys to make the car run and deactivate the system…its a security feature so random people don’t just drive off with your car…

  • monster4u22 says:

    lol….yes i did…only a few seconds…no harm… but I generally do leave it open if I’m actually letting the car run…

  • monster4u22 says:

    Hello, Yes the car stays locked unless you unlock it from the remote.

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