Part 2: Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter On A BMW/MINI — Most people think that because BMW and MINI call their transmission fluids “Lifetime” or “Extended Service” it doesn’t have to be changed. Not true. To get the most out of your transmission and avoid a costly, catastrophic failure, you should change the fluid and filter every 50000 miles. Watch Bavarian Otto demonstrate how to do this on a BMW E39 (5 series 97 thru 03). You’ll find the specific fluid and filter your BMW/MINI needs in our online store at
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to Part 2: Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter On A BMW/MINI

  • StevenDec13 says:

    What do you mean a bit different? I’m going to get my parts from ECS tuning?

  • BavarianAuto says:

    Your 2002 525i should have the A5S-325Z transmission. The procedures will be similar, but exact details, such as; drain and fill plugs and filter will be a bit different.

  • spencejr007js says:

    So that,s how it’s done..Excellent video.

  • StevenDec13 says:

    Great VIDEO!!! I’m going to change my 02 525i transmission fluid soon. Going to base mine off of thus video. Thanks.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    Yes, General Motors has been supplying automatic transmissions to BMW since the ’70s. The transmission shown in this video is a GM transmission (A5S-360R … or … 5L40E in GM speak).

  • BavarianAuto says:

    If the oil was black, yes, we would do a second drain and fill.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    Yes, we recommend that you start at operating temperature. Two reasons for this:
    1) The fluid will drain faster and more fully, being hot.
    2) The transmission will already be warm and you will not have to run it for as long when you are performing the fluid level final filling, which needs to be done with the fluid at operating temp.
    NOTE: The fluid will be around 140 degrees F! Be careful,the hot fluid can burn skin.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    All of the GA6L45R transmissions (General Motors) are specified to run Dexron-VI fluid. Therefore, the Red Line D6 is fully compatible. We have the Red Line D6 in or online store at, or call our advisers at 800-535-2002.

  • BigO4501 says:

    RE: 2007 328i with GM L45R transmission. This was very helpful. According to REDLINE their D6 ATF exceeds the requirements of BMW ATF for the GM green tag L45R. They also said REDLINE was fully compatible as it is nearly impossible to get all of the old fluid out. I was able to get access to a lift otherwise its impractical to DIY. Followed this video and performed the service. Trans shifts normally after service.

  • Curicua Mech says:

    Great video!! Question , does the car have to be normal operating temp while beginning the draining process?

  • BavarianAuto says:

    If the transmission in question is specified to use either Dexron-III or Dexron-VI, we can use either the Red Line or the Liqui-Molly D3 or D6 fluids. Both are “top-shelf” synthetic fluids. We will only use these if the original transmission fill is specified as one of these fluids.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    If you have a leaking pan gasket, this should be cured once the new gasket is installed when re-installing the pan. I’m not sure what you mean by “sleeve”.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    BMW has been using various General Motors manufactured transmissions since the ’70s. The one in this DIY is a GM transmission.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    Yes, you are correct. Always loosen the fill plug first. We actually do this (and did, while doing the video), but neglected to show it in the final video editing.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    Please see the prior replies for info on this.

  • BavarianAuto says:

    We’ve commented on this in other comments and replies on both part-1 and part-2 of the video, as well as the full article on our blog ( We recommend performing a second fluid change (just draining and filling, no pan removal) after running the transmission for a few miles (to mix the fluid).

  • Gerbert Breukink says:

    In total around 9 liters of transmission oil is inside an automatic transmission. Around 4 liter in the oil pan. And around 5 liter inside the torque converter. What about this 5 liter inside the torque converter? It looks like only 4 liters is refreshed.

  • Thomas Waclo says:

    What about fluid in the torque converter?

  • Marcin Wojciechowski says:

    Hi great video with a lot of your comments throught the changing process – but … what if you will stuck with the fill plug? Isn’t is better to let it loosen first before you will drop all the oil from the transmition? ;)

  • estrelladelnorte1308 says:

    true ,my 2008 328xi has one

  • CaII0fDuty6 says:

    hey will this help my transmission pan gasket and sleeve leaking ? Thank You

  • pccawood says:

    Excellent Video!! Very helpful!!

  • Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

    Good video, thank you for posting this. Do you prefer Redline synthetic transmission fluid or LIQUI MOLY / Mutol?

  • ateola says:

    It was actually 110000 kms so 68000 miles. Dont know maybe i should drain it again?

  • BavarianAuto says:

    We certainly would recommend a second change if the oil was run for 100,000 miles. Just pull the drain plug to drain the fluid, then do the refill. no need to remove the pan again.

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