Paraplegic Driving a G35 with Menox Hand Controls

Paraplegic Driving a G35 with Menox Hand Controls

This video shows how I drive my 2006 Infinity G35 Coupe adapted with Menox Hand Controls. In this video I also show how I operate the “Auto-Stick” mode by a switch on the hand control handle. If you are interested in these controls you can check out and find a dealer in your area.
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24 Responses to Paraplegic Driving a G35 with Menox Hand Controls

  • henryE93 says:

    Was it hard to take the letters of the shift knob off?? Looks way better!! And was it hard to install the momo shift knob!?

  • rebafreak93 says:

    I don’t know what this dude said cuz the comment was removed and for obvious good reasons but people like this just really tick me off!! I’m glad you stood up for yourself. He really is an idiot! Don’t bother yourself with people like that! It’s freakin amazing the things you’re doing Keep it up!!! :) :)

  • Jose Gt. says:

    How much did you pay for the MENOX hand controls im looking to get back driving after T6 injury!!!!

  • mimushasho4ever says:

    Hi Blackpearlv6
    I am trying to buy this product, but I live in USA. How can I order this by online.
    Help me please. I love that hand control.
    My email is to get in touch
    Thank you.

  • townkevin59 says:

    I just learned today that my Friend broke his back & neck from a two story fall from a pole barn. He can’t feel anything from the waste down, and is in ICU at the hospital. I was wondering if you might know what the chances are that he will be able to walk again?. I am devistated that this happened to my friend, and I was wondering if you might know the answer to my question? Thank you, and best of luck to you.

  • Bud Gillespie says:

    GREAT VIDEO!!!! Best I have seen on this control yet. THANKS a lot.

  • Theresa Edison says:

    This is great. Thanks for all your videos. They have been a complete inspiration to my friend who has been recently paralyzed. How do you get your chair in the car?

  • higgout says:

    That’s so cool to see you rise above your injury. Love your innovativeness with the manual shift.

  • oyousef11 says:

    This is fucking awesome!

  • Ashley Kitchings says:

    Your hand controls are a bit different than mine. Mine are to the left and moves just like yours, but its a bar type. Pull for gas, push for brake. I like yours, but since mine is to the left it’s easier for me to do my auto/manuel shifting without modifications. I took the spinner knob off too, it drove me insane. LoL! Love the car.

  • coachbob5 says:

    Awesome job on the video. I would love to use this vidoe as our sales video for our shows.
    Please coctact me at driving systems.

  • Jay Wase says:

    You are amazing bro. True inspiration i have been paralyzed for 3yrs now your the best bro.

  • indian2themax says:

    i look up to guys like you….

  • inagod says:

    go back under your rock,go bother your friends,this guy can’t walk,but he has what you don’t,compassion for life,doing positive things and most important a brain,go back to school,learn to do something positive.

  • inagod says:

    your young,have you worked long,you should be able to get SSDI,your entitled to it if you worked and payed taxes.the amount depends on how much you payed into it.But 1 or 2 thousand a month pays for gas,food,etc.I suggest going to colledge or trade school,in your position,working with your hands will give you much more ,learn cad,cam,machining,welding.Design for the disabled,just a thought,check out the morph X11 for staying in shape and letting your wheelchair collect dust.

  • Wheeeelzz says:

    Great video! I am 17 years old and am in the process of being able to drive. I go for my physical evaluation on Tuesday and get to start driving weds and than start driving school. This video helped me out a lot. The new systems are simple!

  • Calvin Williams says:

    Yo bro I’ve been watching this video for a while Anyways I’ve got my learners and trying to get my license but I can’t find a place that will teach me to drive with hand controls . I want the ones u have and I want a mustang gt. can these controls be put into any car and how do u learn to use them if u could email me at that would be better cause I don’t check this YouTube I only made it to ask u a question thanks bro

  • Calvin Williams says:


  • BoundlessHail says:

    Dream car…

  • trevordispencer says:

    Did your dog film this? I hear panting

  • Lee Xu says:

    I’m saving up to get one.. G35s and G35 owners are the coolest imo

  • blackpearlv6 says:

    I don’t need them because are displayed on the gauges.

  • henryE93 says:

    theres no letters next to your shift knob?

  • blackpearlv6 says:

    I had to get the wiring harness from a paddle shifter kit. Then I used a Dremel tool to cut a hole in the Menox handle to install another switch. Good to hear from you Kris! Hope you are doing well. :)

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