John Beltz was Oldsmobile’s chief engineer in 1964 and one of the prime movers of the Toronado and 442 project. Beltz was promoted to Oldsmobile general manager at age 43 in 1969 when Harold N. Metzel retired. Beltz passed away in May of 1972 from cancer at the age of 46. John Beltz is leaning on a dual fan 455 Olds and posing with other experimental Olds engines that never saw production. Here are descriptions of these engines: 1. The 0W-43 all aluminum 455 with 4 valve per cylinders, four overhead cam Weber engine. With a redline of just under 8500rpm it was originally conceived for CAN AM racing. At 3000rpm it put out 300hp and at 6000rpm registered over 600hp. The top output recorded for this engine in the Lansing dyno facility was 700 real hp at 6800rpm. Tests were run with both carbueration and fuel injection. The block was cast from Reynolds 356 alloy and fitted with pressed-in dry steel cylinder liners for the Forged-True 12.20to 1 pistons. Billet steel connecting rods by Carillo was used along with a forged steel crank. The engine weighed in at 50 pounds lighter than the production 455 motor! It was developed at the same time as the ZL-1 Chevy 427 motor. 2. The W-43 4 valve per cylinder 455 developed by JOHN BELTZ , LLOYD GILL , JOE JONES AND FRANK BALL. Rated at 500-550hp with a single Rochester Quadrajet on an aluminum manifold. Constructed with both cast iron heads and block and with aluminum-alloy block and heads 75 pounds lighter than the conventional 455
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  • smilinachya says:

    Cool vid, but the song was annoying as hell ;p

  • silvernail6 says:


  • Maude Custer says:

    Yea, with crappy Mustangs and that NASCAR Fusion. What a joke. Race on Sunday buy on Monday. A Fusion? NOT!!!

  • Maude Custer says:

    He speakum truth!!!

  • englishman4fun says:

    @striegelkkendaw If your not here to see big bloclock Olds goodies, eat shit and die, spam scumbag.

  • striegelkkendaw says:

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  • Dansshortclips says:

    Moto Guzzi had quad valve v8s in the 50s. Auto Union ( now Audi) invented the ohv engine in the late 1800s. America didnt see either for decades.

  • 05EVORS says:

    Alot of people think ford is responsible for quad valve v8′s, there are smarter people that know about the LT5 in ’89, and there is this lineage starter(W43)…engineering legacy that lived on into the ‘quad 4′ and Aurora V8 4V. Whoever might have the casting molds for these heads might be worth more than an arms dealer at the moment

  • TexasCutlassS says:

    you can thank chevy for that

  • MrComaToes says:

    I was 13 when I stumbled across these photos in a magazine my brother bought just before he went into the service in ’69, (he was building a 63 Nova with a 327, in what was going to be a super stock drag car) I remember thinking these engines were like something out of the Apollo space program, with hp through the roof and such exotic designs. I literally haven’t seen these images in 40 years, yet they are as fresh in my mind as they were then, these are just a little more yellowed! Thank you!

  • luis trejo says:

    American cars are shhhhiiiittttttttt

  • tennilleywarnickz says:

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  • Grateplainz says:

    Ford is still alive and rolling on!!

  • shartne says:

    wow those are nice. I wish I could put that one with the dual fans in a hot rod.

  • George Washington says:

    Nice subject to choose. Also look at the Pontiac 427 SOHC Hemi on the cover of HOT ROD, October 1970.

    It was a real work of art.

    Thin Wall, Cast Aluminum Block 4.257 Bore x 3.75″ stroke
    Forged Steel 6.625″ rods (Ram Air V style) 12:1 compression
    Mechanical Fuel Injection
    Large Valve Heads: 2.4″ In, 2″ Ex
    Splayed Main Caps, head bolts tie into main caps without cylinder wall distortion. : Fiberglass Belt Cam Drive
    8000 rpm 640 hp = 7500 rpm
    Weight: 550 lb complete
    Possible “900″ psi Oil pump

  • Bruce Miller says:

    I want a 455 rocket 2 stroke. An olds 455 with rotax design!

  • Mrtrumphchopper says:

    Olds are all junk. People that like Olds have either one foot in the grave and fart dust or are just plain retarded. Bet they probably own rabbits and live in a trailor with cat piss all over it too. Fucking losers. Suck my asshole clean ya fucking pervy pricks.

  • PupuTheClown says:

    I think other GM products used them in their advantage.

  • SHELLHEAD1961 says:

    recently where i live i’ve been seeing on occasion a early 70′s cutlass 442 convertible crusing around. it’s White with Tan Stripes & Top with a Red interior and looks like it JUST rolled off the Showroom Floor, it’s a FANTASTIC looking car

  • dagocrazy1 says:

    i was lucky enough to buy a used 1972 442 convertable when i was a senior in high school for $900 it was a convertible w-30 455 with factory fiberglass hood turbo 400 trans and 12 bolt rear end. it would chirp the tires shifting into drive(3rd) when floored. it was such a wonderful car and i wish so much i had it today.it was stolen when i was a kid and i remember i cried. what a shame.

  • Tom Martin says:

    Olds set the pace in drag racing,and the Aurora was NEVER beaten in the IRL.Buick had the fastest car in America 1970 and ’71 with the GS-X Stage 1 and the ultra rare Stage 2.It is NOT all about chevies, if you would only do your homework.Had he lived, Mr.Beltz would have found a way to put these exotic engines into production.It was GM’s heavy hand which put them on the back burner,along,no doubt,with assistance from jealous chevy which cried for the ’55 Pontiac’s pedestal rockers and more.

  • dkamcomie says:

    11 People Hate Big blocks. Most likely are Ricers.

  • porousorifice says:

    I agree, a common two valve relief wedge style piston just does’nt seem like it belongs in this design.

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