My Two Cents – Taurus PT-22 Poly Review (.22 LR)

My Two Cents - Taurus PT-22 Poly Review (.22 LR)

Shooting and reviewing the Taurus PT-22 Poly chambered in .22 Long Rifle. For what it is – an affordable, well-made, pocket-sized .22 semi-auto pistol – it’s a pretty great value. It’s not a jack of all trades, it’s not a competition or target pistol, and it’s certainly not my first pick for a primary concealed carry option, but it does make a dandy little plinker, a decent CCW backup pistol, and a “something to help you fight your way to a better gun” around-the-house defensive option. (Y’know, something you can drop in your pocket while milling around the house in a robe and slippers or whatever.) Yes, it’s a little picky about ammo types by design. Yes, the trigger is long and heavy, and a little narrow and uncomfortable on the finger. Yes, the magazines are chintzy, overpriced, hard to find, and uncomfortable to reload a lot. Yes, it has some stupid and completely unnecessary lawyer-mandated safety features. And yes, it’s a Taurus (which is, in itself, a problem for some people). However, it’s made in the USA, available in stainless, comfortable to hold, points easy, feeds/fires/ejects most ammo without issue (including cheap Federal bulk stuff), has a lifetime warranty, is surprisingly accurate in spite of its size and trigger, and costs less than 0 brand new. Sure, there are better guns that can do certain things more effectively, but all in all, the Taurus PT-22 Poly is still a good little shooter and a good value.

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  • blkteddy23 says:

    I found remington yellowjacket and cci stinger work reliably in my pt22 poly, also if you call Taurus customer service you can order extra mags directly from them.

  • darkwriter77 says:

    Thanks for watching. I’m having a heck of a time finding any .22 LR ammo locally, too. Really stinks when you have plenty of free time and some spare money to go plinkin’, but you can’t find any ammo on the shelves anywhere and you don’t want to burn up your private stock.

  • rchelipilot81 says:

    Bought this way before seeing your review, just hoping,lol, that your wrong on some stuff, but your more than likely not wrong on it, since you seem to know your small firearms damnit to hell. I paid 199 plus tax here in Al. so I thought that’s pretty expenstive for a 22lr pistol if it isn’t as good as you say, hard to find ammo, but got some, haven’t had a chance to shoot it , but I will, thanks so much for your review, much appreciated , thank you

  • homertalk says:

    I thought the same thing, watched a few video’s and was looking forward to getting one, then looked them up on CA directory. Not allowed. Bought a Beretta Tomcat instead. Thanks for the review.

  • darkwriter77 says:

    Really? That’s surprising, considering it seems to have all of the excessive California-type features (manual safety, magazine disconnect, less than 10 round capacity, etc.)

  • homertalk says:

    Communists here in CA say we can’t own one.

  • darkwriter77 says:


  • smilncynic says:

    Excellent thorough review!

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