Kristen Judd & Chad Smith – Data Do’s and Don’ts – 13th Digital Dealer Conference Data Do’s and Don’t's How to maximize your dealership’s most valuable asset to sell and service more vehicles and increase service retention If a hailstorm was coming, most dealers would take steps to protect their inventory from damage. If a vehicle on the dealership lot got splashed with mud, most dealers would wash it to make sure their inventory showed well. Yet too many dealers fail to protect or maximize their dealership’s most valuable asset — the customer database. Dealers spend money to increase website traffic and to buy leads, but often don’t consider the cost of customers opting out of receiving communications from the dealership and don’t fully tap into the potential value that lives in their database. This session combines the perspectives of two different disciplines — technology and marketing — to provide tips for understanding, measuring and maximizing the gold mine every dealership possesses. Kristen Judd and Chad Smith will illustrate the potential cost of exploiting or exhausting your database, explain the importance of benchmarking and understanding analytics, and prove actionable tips for maximizing customer data to sell and service more cars every month and retain more customers throughout the course of the customer-vehicle lifecycle. What action items will attendees take back to the dealerships? 1. Understand the potential consequences of not using your database responsibly and respectfully 2. Identify key dealership
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