How to remove and install headlight in Volvo s70 v70 XC70

Video instruction from VolvosTrader how to replace a headlight and a corner light

A video of how to replace the indicator lamp inside the door mirrors on Mercedes SLK R171 – 200, 280 and 350 (not sure about amg). 2005-2007 version

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  • Robert Mccoleman says:

    OK….. ALL you people who think this guy is a gift from god or the car gods, PARK YOUR FUCKING CAR AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOMES. I looked at the light yesterday and saw the bolts that needed to come out to remove the assembly and I am using videos to make sure I am right(not my car) and hoping for an easier way. Oh does he show you how to change the bulb???NO. I can see every one of you MORONS spending a lot more money replacing the assembly and not a bulb((Oh I can change the bulb?????.)

  • Robert Mccoleman says:

    It is “SO SIMPLE”, unless you are retarded and can figure out by looking at it 3 bolts hold the whole assembly in place. MORON

  • Blessedgates says:

    Good job ! Appreciate the show

  • minaawad121 says:

    i want to ask a question i have a 1998 volvo and i have a problem with the spark and plugs and i want to know what kind is the best for that car and what kind u but i your car i you can email me at

  • SuperSelektor says:

    it look so simple, but cost for me 100$

  • MsSeesee123 says:

    you make it look so simple

  • ereeves116 says:

    Don’t have a Volvo but this is basically the same for every car. My problem, is that every time I resinstall a headlight, I have trouble getting the outside corner (your Volvo has a separate corner light) to sit flat against the quarter panel. It always seems to stick out a few mms. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the headlights to sit flush with the body?

  • waislandres says:

    That is the front bumper cover/ grill not the bumper itself. I do agree its better to remove the corner light with the headlight assembly although not absolutely necessary on the 2004 S80. Good tip would be to have new corner lights on hand when you are servicing the headlight assembly for any reason ‘ ie ‘ replacing the lens, gasket or, replacing the H7 bulb connectors with high temperature connectors which I just did.

  • waislandres says:

    Not as easy on the 2004 S80 you have to remove the entire front bumper, grill assembly.

  • toniohhs says:

    Great! This is so practical, thanks guys.

  • kristen27monkeys says:

    will it be the same to a s60?

  • pandam30 says:

    Thanx a lot buddy for zee video – u just saved me some cash. God bless you

  • rodrigomanuel34 says:

    thank you. fron sweden..

  • evanleonard says:

    Thank you!

  • WorldUniteSarah says:

    For me it was necessary to remove the metal spring clip from the 3 wire connector in order to pull the connector off. I replaced it on the connector before pushing it back on

    It is also good to remember to transfer the wiper rest from an old headlight to a new one if the new one does not come with a wiper rest

  • squeezyfosheezy says:

    Thank you for this video, it really helped out.

  • viledinnist says:

    Very helpful – I just changed both headlights on my husband’s 850 from RHD to LHD, and the process is pretty much the same as the V70. The outer top bolt’s a bit fiddly to get at, but otherwise easy. Good video.
    ElGuapoJoe - there’s a springy clip thing to hold the sidelight in.

  • ElGuapoJoe says:

    What holds the corner light in place? It just slides in?

  • TheLaddgirl says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I am a lady who has never done anything mechanical! Today I bought a used healight and watched this video…within a half hour, I had the new one installed and it was so easy! Thank you!!!

  • jayfey77 says:

    i have an S70  and i belive my battery is in the back of my car not the front.

  • Andre Frappier says:


  • cavanfamily12345 says:

    lol right,,,

  • blaydrunner says:

    Simple! Thanks man!

  • wuking090909 says:

    very good video

  • Meme Coco says:

    you are awsome

  • rughanir says:

    This is a great video. I am having problems with my driver side wing mirror in that it doesn’t close automatically anymore (with the button inside). Its always been a bit lazy in that I would have to nudge it a little to get it working with the button. Closing wasn’t a problem. I was thinking about spraying silicone lube or WD40 but not where I should spray this to try. Any suggestions? Do i need to take the mirror off first?

  • kevin williams says:

    cheers mate….i struggled how to do it…but this really helped a lot

  • jmdspaiva says:

    Nice video, thank you very much.

  • aamer masood khan says:

    Thanks for the information

  • dolphb5dd8d says:

    Very good information, thanks

  • haso18haso says:

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. You saved me a tonne of money

  • MrEduardonsc says:

    os meus Parabéns, excelente explicação é pena é a Mercedes não assumir que este é um defeito de fabrico tenho um carro destes e já vi vários como o meu que tem este defeito partem sozinhos sem terem batidas , reclamei á mercedes mas não me pagaram .

  • Rhys Turnbull says:

    This helped my dad out alot! Thanks so much, Very pleased with the video :)

    Shame one of our screws broke while we were busy… A well!

  • glenmann62 says:

    would this also work for the e350 2009?….i have to replace the shell and the marker and the mirror , thanks glenn

  • 998gsb says:

    Great Video – thanks! I’ve got a B Class and whilst the parts are slightly different the overall procedure was the same – one word of warning folks…. DONT drop the mirror itself – the heated glass is £70!!!!!!

  • trisonico says:

    Good, but I’d like see it lighting at the end.

  • jeep4jeep says:

    I have a C320 which was snatched by a 200 year old volvo, and after getting most of it apart, your video gave me a good insight of what to do next on removing the housing, many thanks

  • jeep4jeep says:

    Excellent video,

  • neilfrancis1950 says:

    Thank you your a star ,dead easy job once i have seen it done

  • Bleen0 says:

    Awesome video. :-)

  • o0Tao0o says:

    Excellent. Your detailed explanations are appreciated. Subscribed!  :)

  • gqarm says:

    great informational video but the Rooster in the background is hilarious. did he help any??

  • kev7607 says:

    Superb, instructional video. Could do with exact same instructions for a C Class.

  • gezza888 says:

    very useful thanks! We’ve got a 2004 E class, and its slightly different, and don’t want to break the mirror part off on the initial step. cheers though

  • 547937 355545Hello there! Great post! Please inform us when I will see a follow up! 418902

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