How to install starter disable for GPS Tracking Devices

How to install starter disable for GPS Tracking Devices

We offer GPS Tracking with Starter Disable that includes Tracking service for 9. This video will help you install GPS tracking starter disable. Call us direct at 602-478-3303. Our GPS devices also include a 3-year warranty.

9 Responses to How to install starter disable for GPS Tracking Devices

  • expointimpo says:

    Whats the cable cutters. they are nice. where can i get them?

    thank you

  • ebooklibrary27 says:

    Yeah a better idea would be to censor information so people only know what they should know… GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • lamy lamoo says:

    hi i do project about vehicle tracking system and i want to know what the software to do in this project and what other requerment that i need to start the projet ? can you help me ?

  • gearboxkart says:

    Considering your system for commercial use on fleet and want to write installation procedures for installer. On the ODB connection, connecting the ground: you said to go over 4 slots from the far right slot. That means you’re in the 5th slot but you go on to say you’re in the 4th slot. Sorry to nitpick, but which is it – 4th or 5th slot because the ODB schematic says one is chassis ground and one is signal ground? Thanks.

  • biggaman1574 says:

    probably not smart showing this to tbe public

  • sorren193 says:

    I hate this guy i

  • UTSTRACK says:

    please call 480-855-8877 or email

  • LONESTAR1045 says:

    I would use shrink tube after soldering.

  • galito2386 says:

    hey is the red one the leg number 87? and 85 the withe one?

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