How To Install Replace Remove Door Panel Toyota Camry 97-01 1AAuto shows you how to remove or replace the interior door panel trim on your vehicle. You need to remove the door panel for a number of different repairs, for example door handles, window regulators, power window motors, door locks and more. This video, will help you do this.
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25 Responses to How To Install Replace Remove Door Panel Toyota Camry 97-01

  • RRSalvageMan says:

    Thanks! That helped me get mine apart w/o damaging any of the fasteners! All done w/o major problems. :-)

  • 1aauto says:

    Our headlight are made exactly like the ones that came from the factory.

  • TheFurthmiller says:

    If I purchase this headlight from 1A Auto, will it come with the black mounting assembly piece referred to at 4:18 of the video? thanks!

  • 1aauto says:

    Thank you for checking us out. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

  • jsmcguireIII says:

    Mike! This is exactly what I needed. I had a loose passenger side handle – one of the bolts had come loose. I pulled the door panel, found the bolt sitting down below and repaired the handle.
    Thanks very much, and I will be coming back for more camry advice soon.

  • 1aauto says:

    We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows this particular repair on your vehicle. If you take the door panel off, there should be a rod or two that connects to the handle and possibly a couple of small plastic clips that secure the rods to the handle. We do carry the 97-01 Toyota Camry passenger side outer door handle on our website part# 1ADHE00013 or you can call Tony @ 866-403-3393

  • ur2bGodsaved says:

    How do I replace or fix the outside passenger door handle because i can only open it from the inside and my security system is messed up is there a way to fix it or cut the alarm wire?

  • bigmohawkguy says:

    Thanks, I went to Pull-a-part and they didn’t charge me for it cause it was so small. :) thanks for the video! My car is now back together.

  • ninoylucero says:

    thanks for the detailed video instruction. i was able to do it myself easy.

  • jonnyc555g68 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial…..i needed to change the door handle…

  • 1aauto says:

    Yes you would more than likely need to remove the door panel to remove the speakers.

  • perry244 says:

    do i have to do this in my chevy lumina because i pop off that screan and theres no bolts for the speaker or enough room for it to come off

  • 1aauto says:

    There’s not really a specific name for that tab. You could probably get one from the junk yard or your local dealer. Hope this helps you out.

  • bigmohawkguy says:

    Does anyone know what the piece at 4:57 is called? And would anyone know where i can get one? I lost it when I was putting the panel back on.

  • 1aauto says:

    You may want to look for any hidden screws that may be holding it on.

  • samisim0 says:

    havin a hard time gettin the rear interior panel loose to fix the power window controller….any thoughts?

  • 1aauto says:

    We have a outer door handle removal video for the 92-96 Toyota Camry. It may be a similar process on the 97-01.

  • kumquatsta says:

    i’m assuming after removing the door panel, removal and replacement of the exterior door handle is straightforward? will there be a video for that soon?

  • chumpy5160 says:

    thanks for the video. made job much easier and i didn’t throw one tool. how on earth do you get the screw cap back on the big screw underneath the tweeter? i’ve tried pushing them straight on. i’ve tried starting from one side. my thumbs can’t take anymore.

  • 1aauto says:

    For that particular year we don’t.

  • me373 says:

    thanks for this video…I have a 2000 camry and need to replace a broken drivers exterior door handle…do you have a video showing how to do that? thanks again for your time doing these videos.

  • 1aauto says:

    You’re welcome.

  • tcuk says:

    Thanks…much appreciated.

  • 1aauto says:

    The basic removal of the panel should be pretty similar to your vehicle. If you take your time and remove any hardware off of the door panel you should be able to remove it in a similar fashion.

  • tcuk says:

    Would this be similar to a 98 Corolla? I have the change the assembly/motor on mine.

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