How To Install Replace Power Window Regulator Chrysler Town and Country 04-07 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a slow, stuck, cracked or damaged window regulator. This video is applicable to 2004-2007 Chrysler Town and Country models.

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  • 1aauto says:

    Thanks for watching. Have a great day!

  • gradykkk says:

    Terrific video!!!!!….saved me a few hundred bucks. Only difference between this video and my T&C 2006 limited is that:
    1. I had an additional phillips head screw on the bottom of the door panel below the speaker
    2. My part new OEM regulator part came with the same crappy plastic rivets that the original one had (would have preferred bolts!)
    3. I used small wood chisel and rubber mallet to cut the heads off plastic rivets from part I was replacing, proved faster solution for me.

  • 1aauto says:

    Thanks for watching. 888-844-3383

  • Aimee McCarty says:

    I just have to say THANK YOU for taking the time to put this on the web. You have saved me time and money and gave me the knowledge I needed to get the job done. I cannot say thank you enough!! You’re awesome.

  • 1aauto says:

    Thanks for watching. Have a great day!

  • OldBud123456 says:

    Mike at
    I have spent some time trying to figure out just how to leave a comment for you on your video; “How To Install Replace Power Window Regulator Chrysler Town and Country 04-07”.
    Just a small critique first. I found your video related very close to my 2002 Chrysler T&C instead of just the 04-07 versions. The photo even looked like my 02 T&C.
    Now for the video information itself: Superb! You saved me time and money and taught me something along the way.

  • 1aauto says:

    we do have something that would be similar. We have it available for the 2000 Caravan

  • Abu Naseem says:

    Do you have any video for 2000 town & country power window regulator replacement?

  • 1aauto says:

    The window motor isn’t serviceable on this particular window regulator. You would need to replace the regulator.

  • towikro1 says:

    But is it possible just to use the motor from the set you sell and not have the entire regulator changed?

  • 1aauto says:

    The motor looks like it may be unserviceable on that particular application. We carry brand new window regulators with the motor on our website 888-844-3393 We offer FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states.

  • jaysnovas says:

    I have a 07 town and country..My parts store wants to send me the motor and the regulator and all I need is the motor..Can I save the money an labor and just buy the motor..? any help would be great,thanks

  • cleo werntz says:

    the problem is probably not a loose wire, but a bad spot on the motor armature..If it happens with the window all the way up or down, I would suspect this is the problem. If you were to pull the door panel and tap on the motor you would probly get the same result.

  • 1aauto says:

    You have have a broken or frayed wire between the door and body of the van. You may want to check the wire harness to see if this is the case. Hope this helps you out. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

  • MrRavi89 says:

    what is the problem when i slam my door and it works?

  • 1aauto says:

    We show you how to replace the entire window regulator on a 04-07 Chrysler Town & Country in this video.

  • eljefehiggy says:

    In this video , did you say you replaced just the new motor, and not the regulator?

  • djjamieny says:

    Great Video, thank you for putting that on line. Turns out it was just the switch though…

  • JMDarkeyez says:

    Im currently replacing one on my 2001 Town Country Limited….some things Ive found out – I stripped the head on two of the four Torx bolts holding in the regulator rails and had to get replacements from an auto store and drill them out. They were so tight, unbelievably tight so I advise some loosener sprayed on the backside first. Thanks for the video, its been a big help!

  • 1aauto says:

    Thank you for visiting our auto repair channel on YouTube. Have a great day!

  • Whybnorma1 says:

    Great instruction video! One thing to add. Since I have never done this before, I was concerned about getting the window clamped squarely in the brackets so the window didn’t bind in the tracks. Once I had the door apart, I saw that the window tracks extend all the way to the bottom of the door. The clamp position is idiot proof. ;-) I was done in less than an hour.

  • 1aauto says:

    You may want to check the window regulator and the window motor to see if they have gone bad.

  • NaClPeter says:

    What is the most likely issue with the driver’s window working in the down position, but not up. It does go up, but can take up to a half hour or more. It goes up a few inches and stops, then after waiting I can bump it up another fraction of an inch, wait again and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. I would think it’s a problem in the switch, but of course I don’t know. Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • 1aauto says:

    You may want to take the door panel off and check out the window regulator to see if it has broke. Hope this helps you out.

  • Felipe4ndres7 says:

    hello sir, are you?, I ask you a question: My caravan has a problem with the glass (not low) and the only thing it does is like a sparking, a strange noise, squeezed the switch and low sounds but not only sounds as a spark, I hope your ready help … thanks

    Exelentes videos (great videos), greetings from Chile!

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