How To Install Replace Outside Door Handle Chevy GMC Pickup Truck SUV 88-98 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken or snapped off exterior door handle. This video is applicable to 1988-1998 Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck, Suburban, Tahoe, and GMC SIerra Suburban and Yukon models.
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25 Responses to How To Install Replace Outside Door Handle Chevy GMC Pickup Truck SUV 88-98

  • 1aauto says:

    You would need to take the door panel off and try to pop it open from inside of the door by pulling on the cable or rod that unlatches the door.

  • Wayne Macaluso says:

    This is a great video. One question. How do I get the passenger door open that has a broken lock. THe door is locked. I cannot open it to get the inside panel off so I can figure out what is broken.

  • 1aauto says:

    You shouldn’t have to, you should be able to service it like we did in the video. 

  • MegaF45 says:

    I was wondering if you have to remove the actual window to change the exterior door handle on a Chevy c1500 silverado?

  • 1aauto says:

    It shouldn’t make a difference which one you start with.

  • lvbobwright says:

    I am actually installing an outside and inside door handle on the drivers side. Which one should I start with first or it doesn’t make a difference?

  • 1aauto says:

    You should be able to order some from your local dealer.

  • daniel chisenhall says:

    where can you get those metal clips holding the rods, i lost some of them, and broke some of them getting them off.

  • 1aauto says:

    Near the beginning of the video we show you how to remove the rod from the left hole on the handle, and also how to remove the clip that holds the rod. The rod and clip should be placed back in the same location on the new door handle that you receive.

  • livestrong1976 says:

    Which hole are you putting the rod in? Also do you press that clip all the way down before putting the rod in? I put the rod in the top hole and I could unlock my pickup, but when I tried to lock it, it was stiff then it popped (assuming the clip came off because they key has no give anymore)

  • 1aauto says:

    Unfortunately we are currently doing videos for other vehicles but we will possibly be able to do a video for something like this later on.

  • jounier1 says:

    Dear 1aauto, my name is jounier i have a 1998 chevy tahoe 4 door and my rear driver’s door got stuck i think the rod poped out so i cant open it from the outside and from the inside i had the child safety lock on so basicly my door is stuck closed and i was wondering if u could make a video to help me out because a local bodyshop wants to charge to much to open my rear door please help if you can thank you ,sincerley jounier.

  • radcam69 says:

    FYI, this works for a 2000 Tahoe old body style. (Z71 as well)

  • 1aauto says:

    If you can’t get the latch to release on the inside of the door, you may want to bring it to an auto body shop. They may know of a trick to get it to open for you without causing any further damage. Hope this helps you out.

  • ray miller says:

    guys the door on 92-95 seiarra wont open have remeved panal and metal panel on inside seems the latch i frozen or stuck onlt thing i can think of is to sawzall the latch in detween the door to open it help

  • webrik33 says:

    i replace the actuator and the outside door handle. white greased rod clips and connections. everything worked great until today. temp down to 25 outside and door lock sluggish to open/close. key worked but took some force. this was my problem that led to me replacing actuator.

  • webrik33 says:

    This video was a big help. a BIG help. changed actuator and exterior door handle today. took me several hours but after watching your videos several times before hand i had a general idea of what to do. Thanks!

  • 1aauto says:

    De nada. Gracias por visitar nuestro canal de reparación de automóviles.

  • mini4637 says:

    laberdad que este videoseguro mealludado a emprimer lugar a orar dinero y eaprendido algomas gracias por todo

  • 1aauto says:

    HI in this window regulator video we show you how to remove the inner door panel. There are 9 or 10 7 MM screws that you need to remove. Hope this helps.

  • ElitePhotoPHX says:

    maybe im missing something but I cant find the video on how to remove the inner door panel (metal portion) to replace the exterior drivers door handle.

  • 1aauto says:

    At the current time,we do not have a video that shows that particular repair.

  • coultrs says:

    We have s 1996 GMC Sierra 3500…..looking for the video clip to remove the second metal interior door panel to access the exterior handle. thanks

  • 1aauto says:

    Not to my knowledge. They just tend to go. We carry new ones on our website if you end up needing a new one. Regards,

  • 350AmericanMuscle says:

    I’ll try the lithium grease and see if it makes a difference. What would i have to look out for when a door handle does in fact break, like are there any warning signs before it just breaks?

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