How To Install Replace Headlight Chevy Venture Pontiac Montana more 97-05 1AAuto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace the broken, damaged, cracked, faded, cloudy, or chipped headlights on your vehicle. This video is applicable to1997-2005 Chevy Venture, 1997-2003 Pontiac Trans Sport, 1999-2004 Montana, and 1997-2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette models.
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  • MrDanielBrisk says:

    I’m coming across the same exact problem. (probably why the bulb is burned out to begin with) How large of a hole or what type of bit did you use to get the water to drain? Where exactly on the seam did you place the hole? Has anybody tried plumber’s putty to seal the leaks (wherever the water is coming from…that is) help! thanks. :)

  • MrDanielBrisk says:

    I’m coming across the same problem with a 2003 Venture. What did you do about the water accumulation problem and how well did it work? thanks

  • 1aauto says:

    We haven’t received any complaints that this has been happening. What we do recommend is that, if you do buy them and if they come with bulbs installed, replace them with a decent set of bulbs. The factory sometimes leaves the test bulbs that they used to quality test the lights in them. Hope this helps you out.

  • wha01 says:

    @ 1aauto as gunnerduke said below, i have a leaking headlight problem where water collects in the bottom of the headlight and slowly empties out, but leaves deposits and distorts the lens. do you know if your aftermarket headlight has this problem as well or is it leak free? Thanks, these videos are so helpful.

  • gunnerduke61 says:

    just an fyi on this headlight.. I talked to many other owners and they had the same baffling problem….water getting in the headlight and blowing bulbs at an alarming rate. I resorted to drilling a tiny hole in the bottom of the headlight right where the seam was. I have had NO MORE bulbs blow. There were no cracks or deviations in the light before and the bulb was in correctly. we would go through many bulbs and always kept some in the glove box. NO MORE!

  • Blimp01 says:

    great, helped a lot

  • 1aauto says:

    @brothamickell We’ll keep this in mind during any future repairs that we make on this type of a vehicle. Replied to your email with some tips that should help you out. Hope this helps.

  • 1aauto says:

    Here’s a link to them on our website. There would be a ship charge to Canada. The site can calculate that for you.

  • admiralwil says:

    I loved this video… how much do the replacement outer lights cost? I live in Montreal Canada and thought that just replacing the inner light with GE Nighthawk Platinum’s would make the difference, but obviously the clearer plastic is why I didn’t get the results I was hoping for on my mom’s Van.

  • glarstout1 says:

    samiraghda, you need to go to their shop and vounteer your car for the Aztek video ;)

  • grendelynn says:

    Saved me gazillions–or at least $10.

  • ZachAttackSenor says:

    wow.rust states.(could also been the fact the lights that were there before were pulled straight out, leaving behind piecies of the old plastic cover)
    The clamp on the bottom of the lights wouldn’t disengage whe I tried pulling the light out.

  • 1aauto says:

    HI, Thank you for watching our video. Currently we haven’t had an Aztek to do a video on in the shop.

  • samiraghda says:

    How to Replace the Headlights in a Pontiac Aztek 2001 please …thx.

  • krasnovalexey says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  • SnilekHonzik says:

    Usable on Opel / Vauxhall Sintra too, i tested.
    Thank you so much for video.

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