Hot Rare Sable

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I have been experiencing odd behavior from my 2009 Acura RDX. After 2 trips to the dealer (including a replacement of the XM unit) where they could not reproduce the error, I was able to catch it on video. The dealer was happy to get this video, and even though we have video evidence, the dealership and Acura still do not know what is wrong with the car. 3/9/09 – First, I am the poster of the youtube video. Second, I have a 2009 RDX and the car has had continual problems with the xm and radio unit. In Dec 08, the dealer replaced the xm unit for a second time. Until Friday March 6, 2008, the stereo worked fine. After bringing the car in for its first service, the radio started doing it again. Cannot change away from the xm screen, etc… In the past the dealer has been trying to help me. The video was the only proof I had that there was a problem. Honda did not understand what the problem was, and in fact the service writer told me that Honda tried to charge him for the parts since there was nothing wrong with the stereo. I told the dealer that this was the 4th time the car would be in the shop (it is only 5 months old, and has already been in the shop for a month), and that I was done, and wanted my money returned under NY Lemon Law. Today the dealer called me and told me that the problem was a software issue with ALpine, and that there are currently no plans to fix the problem, and that I should come get my car. So, you tell me – I have a 000 car that does not work as

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