GTA Car Kits – Lexus RX 2004-2009 install of iPhone, Ipod and AUX adapter for factory stereo – installation instruction for iPhone, iPod, AUX, mp3 adapter into factory stereo of Lexus RX 300, 330, 430 for model years 2004, 2005 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. After installing the car kit you would be able to listen to your music player or iPhone through your factory stereo speakers and control your music through controls on the factory radio. You also can charge your iPod/iPhone and see the names of the songs on your radio display.
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  • Tonsmorecowbell says:

    installation was exactly as the video said. took me about 30 minutes once I had the right tools (10mm is a MUST, standard sizes will not fit) also, a telescoping magnetic rod is even better with an LED on the tip because I dropped 2 bolts and got them both back no problem.

    my only issue is trying to get the AUX jack to work. any tips? I keep pressing CD and it just goes back and forth between the CD Changer and the IPod jack.

  • gtacarkits says:

    The best place to run the cable to, is to the glovebox. That is because on this Lexus, the centre console is separated from the dashboard.

  • aaad917 says:

    I couldn’t find a good route to the cable to run out!
    I have installed one but taking the cable out was an issue.
    I want it to be near to cup holder.
    Any suggestions please?!

  • Lpaul227 says:

    I agree with IamMetabol that this is a much better audiophile way than what Goodbear is suggesting. I have the cassette tape adapter and it is usable but I’m not taking advantage of a good sounding sound system (I’ve upgraded the speakers)
    I also tried the FM Modulator way and that is even worse because of “local” interference from nearby frequencies.

  • IamMetaBol says:

    you’re very welcome. I just finished installing the unit. It literally took me 25 minutes. Your video was almost dead on perfect. The only difference was that on my 2004 RX the plug is not the middle one. Not a big deal since all three plugs are different sizes – makes finding the right plug child’s play. The sound is INCREDIBLE loud and perfectly clear. The module works exactly as you advertise. Your product is fantastic and I am very happy. Thank you!

  • gtacarkits says:

    Thank you for your support!! :)

  • IamMetaBol says:

    Hey Goodbear1, what exactly is the purpose of your post? Obviously if someone is looking at gtacarkits for the module then they already decided that the way easier method you mention is garbage. Sure, if you like hisses, pops, cutouts and white noise worse than fifty year old LP’s go right ahead and enjoy your cassette adapter. This is the best option short of spending a thousand dollars for a new stereo system, dash kit, adapters and more. Plus you keep the factory system built for this vehicle

  • fetomidake says:

    Just got one 2 days ago and installed it today. Could have done it in 15 mins. but got careless (did not use magnet) on the first bolt (one of the 2 that was had to reach) and dropped it inside the console. Luckily I got spare M6 bolt in my shop. But overall, video was good, installation experience was good and the car kit was excellent… ironically I was looking for iPhone FM transmitted and car charger when I come accross with this product… and I’m glad i found this one..

  • Andrey Mitrofanov says:

    Grand Theft Auto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hmbfd26 says:

    any tricks to “reassemble” the dash?

  • gtacarkits says:

    Hi, our solution sounds the same as the build in CD player, plus with a tape adapter you won’t be able to control anything from the radio, or see the song names. thank you.

  • thegoodbear1 says:

    I have an easier way than this. You can buy a cassette to iPhone connector. The rx has a cassette deck. I connect my iPhone to the cassette and I can listen to all my music in almost cd quality, plus I have the option of listening to phone calls over the speakers. It’s allot cheaper method and will cost you next to nothing. Thanks

  • Mary Cormier says:

    Bought product last week, in mail Monday as expected
    Quick glance and decided I was going to install now
    Put module together in house, went to garage and grabbed suggested tools from video(which I had watched last week as well)
    I have pulled my radio out previously to get to my NAV system, so this wasn’t my 1st rodeo
    Had the radio pulled within 15 minutes, installed module an put back together, 35 min total
    1 suggestion, freezer tape on heads of back bolts to hold them in socket to re-installing

  • MrSolianka says:

    what the song on 7:00 ???

  • bsharkification says:

    Quickly shipped and using this video as a guide I did the install in an hour. Removal of the radio is reasonably easy with the right tools. The plug and play was easy – routing the connection was not too hard but took a chunk of the time. Very happy with the result and the functionality of this unit. Steering wheel controls work as before. Highly recommended. Works for 04 with cassette and CD

  • lysanderinmn says:

    I too have a 2005 rx330 with cassette. I made an guess on my install and it works great. The Video has a differnt configuration where he detaches the smaller center plug and hooks everything up to the Y harness. Your radio will have two bigger plugs that need to stay plugged in, forget using the Y harness. Your radio will have an unused small opening that the module harness can plug into. It is all super easy to do, I agree that the video was AWESOME!
    Chris in Minnesota

  • chungclin says:

    will this work for a 2005 rx330 with a tape player and cd changer?

  • gtacarkits says:

    Hey, the best bet is to take off you radio, and taking the picture of your radios back. And then we would be able to tell if the kit will work!! you can email us the picture at


  • briefk says:

    Hey sweet video man but do you have any idea if this would work on the UK 04 RX models because I’ve got one and I’m looking to do this also would it make a difference that there’s a tape/cassette player factory fitted as well the 6 disk in dash changer so will you still able to integrate the iPod ??

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