Grand Theft Auto IV – Drug Delivery – Willis Alley

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough – Side-Mission: Drug Delivery – Willis Alley Grand Theft Auto IV – Side Missions Playlist: This side mission becomes available after completing the mission “Shadow” for Little Jacob. To start delivering drugs for Little Jacob, go to your phonebook, choose “Little Jacob” and select “Job”. Side Mission Objectives: Get in a car parked next to the Homebrew Cafe on the Broker-Dukes Expressway, go to an alley in Willies, deliver the drugs to some dealers then lose the cops. Rewards: 0 and Jacob’s friendship is increased by 1% and respect by 3%. Video recorded on PC with fraps, edited and rendered with Sony Vegas 11.

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7 Responses to Grand Theft Auto IV – Drug Delivery – Willis Alley

  • George Cz says:

    One left huh?

  • zeljkozex40 says:

    lol at the beggining xD

  • yootubeloobe says:

    This is awesome. I never cared for Hyundai before, but I am now falling in love and want an Elantra!

  • danwat1234 says:

    The Elantra does not get 40MPG highway. Check out that data on the website ‘fuelly’. Consumer watchdog has sent a letter to president Obama and to the EPA stating that you car does worse that what the EPA tests reveal, and Chevy Cruze consistently does better than what it’s EPA values are. Both the Elantra and Cruze are 33MPG combined).
    The Cruze gets an average of 28% better mileage than the Elantra.

    Stop lying please. My mother got an Elantra, always in Eco mode, can’t get more than 25MPGcity

  • chonaV says:

    Got my Elantra a week ago. It’s really growing on me. The Hyundai label still suffers from being stereotyped as low class, but hopefully, with the make over, it can slowly gear away from that image.

  • MarshallMatrix says:


  • EgaoNoGenki says:

    3:14 – what does he call it? I heard “Electricode bath.”

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