Grand Theft Auto IV – All Storyline Executions

Grand Theft Auto IV - All Storyline Executions

Grand Theft Auto 4 – All execution kills you can perform in the game. • All copyright goes to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software. 2500 subscribers SPECIAL! In Grand Theft Auto IV, when you are equipped with a pistol, but in some cases you can use which weapon you wish, you can perform an execution on certain characters. An execution is a feature in which a small cutscene plays out when you kill a certain character. To peform an execution on a certain character, aim at him and fire. In some cases it’s not required to use a gun. Execution #1 – Dardan: 0:24 Execution #2 – Ivan: 1:31 Execution #3 – Vlad: 2:49 Execution #4 – Faustin: 3:48 Execution #5 – One lookout on a crane: 4:35 Execution #6 – One lookout on a crane: 5:05 Execution #7 – One lookout on a crane: 5:28 Execution #8 – Cherise: 5:47 Execution #9 – Roman’s kidnapper: 6:27 Execution #10 – Clarence: 6:57 Execution #11 – Dwayne: 7:33 Execution #12 – Playboy: 8:21 Execution #13 – Teddy 9:28 Execution #14 – Luca: 9:55 Execution #15 – Isaac: 11:11 Execution #16 – Diamond Dealer: 11:39 Execution #17 – Aiden: 12:13 Execution #18 – The Triad: 13:51 Execution #19 – Charlie: 15:31 Execution #20 – Darko: 17:21 Execution #21 – Dimitri: 18:37 Video recorded on PC with fraps, edited and rendered with Sony Vegas 10.
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