Episode 12 Season 2 Part 3 Muscle Car Ford bow headliner install & overhead console Autorestomod.flv

autrestomod.com Featured www.tmiproducts.com http Rate and Subscribe! Comments are answered promptly! Take a chance and use up five seconds of your 15 minutes of fame by posing a question! This week we finish up the Ford headliner and install a Mustang overhead console.
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14 Responses to Episode 12 Season 2 Part 3 Muscle Car Ford bow headliner install & overhead console Autorestomod.flv

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    We used Lizard Skin sound deadener and heat control on the roof. Ford used fiberglass insulation that looked suspiciously like the stuff you use on the house. You can see that episode by pasting this:Episode 3 Lizard Skin Sound and Heat conrtol Autorestomod into the search box.

  • MrSilverstacker1 says:

    I need to ask a dumb question… I noticed that you didn’t put any insulation or sound deadener on the roof before you installed the headliner. Is that because you are purists, or because doing so is a bad idea? Thanks for your help and advice.

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    Greg, we nodded right up to the 10 point cage. Never done that before around here. Let us know how it turns out. We are going to do the headliner in our 1969 Fairlane wagon. We’re pretty sure that the windshield does not have to be removed on the 1966-69 Fairlane Torino. But not positive. We’ll post a video on that but it will be a while– well after you get yours done. Glad you like the videos! Tell your friends about us we are wanting to grow the show!

  • crazythreeonefiver says:

    Thank you for posting this series on headliner installations. I am about to replace my black “mooncrater” headliner in a 1968 Fairlane hardtop and it should be very similar from what I can tell. It might be a little tougher with the windshield still in place and working around a 10 pt. cage. I feel much more confident after having actually seen the process and I learned several tips that should prove to be helpfull. Thanks again, Greg.

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Our experience is that the spray on aerosol cans don’t hold as well. We’ve just plain had better success with the weatherstrip adhesives.

  • rrepking says:

    Great video guys. I now feel more confident about doing my own headliner. I have one question though. Why did you choose to use weatherstrip adhesive rather than stray trim adhesive. I’ve seen people use either or, just wondering your opinion.

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    LOL too true JW. We’ll be doing a hardtop set up pretty soon. the ’65 hardtop has moved up in the Q due to some outside work we are doing on it. SO it is coming. Many of the pull principles will apply to the hardtop. Remember to work from the top of the B-pillar down the sail panel, going front to back; pulling down and out (to the outside of the car like in the fastback). That is for those that don’t want to wait until we get the hardtop poppin’. =)

  • jwdundon says:

    GREAT VIDEO: only 1 little problem, MOST of us will never own a fastback, so we have to restore and drive a coupe. (if we can afford a fastback, we don’t most likely don’t need to do the headliner ourselves, compounds the issue.

    How do we do a 65-70 COUPE differently than the fastback, to prevent wrinkles?

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    Yeah Duke that is your best option. Check and see if they are all the same length and bow first. If they are you are fine. Sometimes the factory marked them for position as well and the correct position could be in assembly manuals or even available on the web.

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    Thanks Roy. Headliners are less of a mystery when you take the time and have good instruction! LOL.

  • Roy Creley says:

    You have taken away my hesitation to do another headliner. The last one, my first, was a VW Beetle convertible. Quite a different animal! Great job guys!

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    Duke check out the Camaro headliner for a better look at the GM set up. But use our install techniques. youtube.com/watch?v=ucjvgMKls9U

  • AutoRestoMod says:

    thatnks Harley, we’ll try! Tell as many people as can about us!

  • HarleyPotter says:

    Exellent Show! keep up the good work!

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