Dishwasher Installation: How To Hook Up A Dishwasher

This video shows how to uninstall and reinstall most dishwasher styles! Using three very popular GE, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool dishwasher models. Learning how to remove and install a dishwasher is helpful for many simple dishwasher appliance repairs, as well replacement! I show how to connect a dishwasher drain to a garbage disposal, connect electrical power, leveling tips and tricks, as well as common problems and other installation tips and tricks! More appliance repair help and dishwasher repair videos are available at http Please rate, share, and Let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!

25 Responses to Dishwasher Installation: How To Hook Up A Dishwasher

  • joshuawilliams1974 says:

    White to white black to black ground to the box…. I just have White and black? Where is the ground? I see the place it goes but I don’t have a ground wire

  • applianceassistant says:

    Copper is probably one of the most reliable connections, but it can be difficult to work with. I have not personally used PEX before but I would imagine that it would be fine… It’s definitely nice to have a flexible connection when your trying to hook one up! 

  • weapsalot says:

    Is PEX a good idea instead of copper?

  • applianceassistant says:

    Yes if it’s not damaged. But you may want to cut the end off and put a new compression fitting on the end. You can also cut it somewhere that is accessible from under the sink and use a union to change it to a flex line. Accessible is the key word : ) Good luck

  • OmegaKnight95 says:

    the hot water line coming from under the sink to the dishwasher in my house isn’t screwed onto the valve, it’s soldered in! can i use the old copper line that was used on my old dishwasher to bring water to my new one?

  • Grubermann Von Schnauzer says:

    Thank you very much! Exactly what I needed to know and presented in a clear step-by-step manner.

  • applianceassistant says:

    Good point! The connection to ground would be the same… but there is always something to be said for doing things the way they are designed to be done! Especially when it comes to electricity. Now if we could get everyone to keep their wire polarity correct …
    Thanks for the comment!

  • 12370ts says:

    All of your video’s are great and I thank you for them!!! But, As a licensed electrician the bare bond (ground) wire belongs on the green bond screw! Not wrapped back and around the connector screw.

  • Scwurt says:

    nicely informative for noobs. still seems a bit complicated, especially compared to a portable where you just plug the darn thing in and that’s it. looks easy, likely because this is your profession and you happen to have all the little needed parts handy, unlike a noob.

  • knoxe1 says:

    @applianceassistant thanks for the video we are installing dishwasher to day

  • amtanner560 says:

    I just bought a used frigidare ultra quite 111 dishwasher for a rental home. when they said it was only 4 months old , i ask why they were selling and they said they were replacing with stainless steel. It looked brand new so i brought it home , installed with new drain hose. when you set the dial to wash, no water come in but goes out the drain hose. maybe the real reason for replacing it was because it had this problem. If so I will live with it. could be something I have done wrong. thanks

  • applianceassistant says:

    Thanks! : ) 

  • tgarci2 says:

    This video was awesome. Informative, intelligible, and most impressive of all, entertaining.  I appreciate your expertise on the subject, and the time it took to make such a great video!! I applaud your efforts!

  • Enoch Gamoian says:

    Videos like this the best part of Youtube. Thank you for sharing your expert knowledge in such a clear and concise manner. Great intro-outro to boot!

  • applianceassistant says:

    Always nice to have a towel handy ; )

  • D0nQuix0te says:

    great towel scene Brian DePalma ;0

  • applianceassistant says:

    Sorry it took so long to get back with you! You have probably already fixed this… Yes it is a common practice to add length to the drain hose with a 1/2″ heater hose. You can use a plastic hose coupling or insert a 1/2″ hard copper pipe into both hoses to add support that you can clamp against to make the union. Thanks for watching and commenting! Sorry again for the delay!

  • uncle freddie says:

    awesome video….is it imperative that the dishwasher be right next to the sink. my situation: there is a vent pipe running through the back of the cabinet where it would be ideal to have a dishwasher (next to the sink). i don’t really want to mess with that pipe (pvc). is it ok to have the dishwaser about 2-3 cabinets away from the sink? i could run a separate water supply line directly to the dishwasher, and was thinking of buying auto heater hose for the return line through the cabinet??

  • applianceassistant says:

    Thanks for the comment! Glad it helped out!

  • microbeerreviews says:

    Awesome video. Covered all my questions. Thank you

  • applianceassistant says:

    If you are using an air gap you can put it wherever. however, if you are connecting directly to the drain pipe or a garbage disposal putting the hole at the top of the cabinet is a great idea. You may want to wrap it in some tape or foam insulation wrap as padding, to keep it from wearing through and creating a leak down the road. Thanks for the comment!

  • traceybonner says:

    Great informative video. I’m installing a new dishwasher next to a new sink cabinet. Where is the ideal place to drill the hole for the drainage line? On the bottom or top of the cabinet? Does drilling through the top eliminate the need to do a loop up to the top of the cabinet?

  • applianceassistant says:

    Thanks for taking time to comment! I’m glad you like!

  • MrMakaranylay says:

    thanks for nice so us!

  • applianceassistant says:

    To my knowledge the tape should still be okay. Make sure you have water tape (there are several kinds) It is important to wrap the tape in the clockwise direction from the perspective of the nut that is threading on… That way when you start to tighten your connection the tape won’t unwrap as you go. If it’s wrapped clockwise the nut will move in the same direction of the tape. You also might want to look for flaws in the fittings. I like to do three layers of tape to be on the safe side. GL!

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