BMW X5 4.8is–Video Test Drive with Chris Moran An in-depth look at the BMW X5 4.8is, the original high-performance luxury sport utility. Courtesy of Midwest Auto Collection. Presented by Chris Moran. The 2005 BMW X5 4.8is is one of those vehicles. It rolls on 20s, has a bored-out V8 and a stiffened suspension…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to BMW X5 4.8is–Video Test Drive with Chris Moran

  • mrgaga889 says:

    8:55 these Sound *___*

  • Cihannnd12 says:

    şöyle bir araba nasip olmadı ya aq böyle hayatın

  • jobut85 says:


  • bmw4guy says:

    Chris your smile on 7:33 is just priceless i love the 4.8is soo bad too

  • 373axle says:

    Ha, Chris has a favorite line of his that he uses over the years in all his reviews: “I’m a 6-footer and…”

  • TKMZACK says:

    Can u do that Maxima?

  • odjnsediuj says:

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  • moremoreaay says:

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  • DarkAndy98 says:

    lucky guy!

  • ARMpower1992 says:

    7:38 priceless smile, that’s when you know you’re a BOSS

  • sftomee says:

    Oh, Dangerous Dave is here? :]

  • sftomee says:

    Chris, i happy to see you again. I don’t see you in the another company long time ago. Another great review! Regards from Hungary! :)

  • RossEnzo says:

    Yeah, I know right.

    But the worst part is I still have another 7 months in till I get my full licence. And my dad just got a new Porsche Cayenne Turbo to replace my X5. I can’t wait to drive that thing. I’m gonna be taking so many video of that shit.

  • DiamondLeo723 says:

    your mad lucky, i turn 16 in july and im already begging my parents for at least ah 4.4 

  • RossEnzo says:


    I’ve had for the last two weeks, the thing is a beast!

  • DiamondLeo723 says:

    did you get it?

  • RossEnzo says:

    My family has one of these sitting in the driveway, hasn’t been driven for almost a year.

    I turn 16 this weekend and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this car.

  • jatexeira says:

    This guy is really good!! Great review, man.

  • majorhottiebrittany says:

    Sounds Awesome…You should check out Dangerloops (dot) com.they got monster drum sounds!!

  • imthatguy2579 says:


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