Billboard in Colorado Asks if Obama is Jihadi

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25 Responses to Billboard in Colorado Asks if Obama is Jihadi

  • VeradoonKing says:

    First of all, if you’re just joking, you’re the best troll I’ve encountered. But here’s the thing I want to clear up with you: I struck up this conversation to call you out for your apparently crazy views. I can’t respect anyone who believes “Obama is Muslim”. But what implies that I disrespect conservatives in general? Nothing. I am fiscally center-right, tbh. I can dislike the crazy, extreme right-wingers like your persona, without disliking normal conservatives. i hope this makes sense

  • xerakis says:

    seriously though, at least show some respect to Conservatives, they built the country, produce and pay for all the services dudes like you use….

  • xerakis says:

    lol, hey man just joking, come on don’t be so gay about it…

  • VeradoonKing says:

    you are living in your own little world.
    there is no conversation to be had.
    also, it doesn’t seem your native language is english… your writing is just awful. you have a B- in english at best.

  • xerakis says:

    what I thought, too much of an idiot to respond intelligently, you must be ghetto trash right???  or maybe your a thrid world mongrel here to collectivize the who country?? LOL , pathetic!

  • VeradoonKing says:

    (what you said doesn’t make any sense so I’m going to just ignore it.)

  • VeradoonKing says:

    okay, kid.

  • xerakis says:

    u one of nobama’s ghetto boys who watch what the good clean Americans are saying…your pathetic

  • VeradoonKing says:

    smh this further speaks to your lack of intelligence. what you have is in fact a channel, even if you have no videos.

    no, don’t watch what you say. where’d you get that idea from – it’s a free country.
    it’s just that whether you say it or not, you are an idiot.

  • xerakis says:

    i don’t have a youtube channel shit for brains….. now that dear leader is back in I guess I better watch what I say right>????

  • VeradoonKing says:

    and I go on your youtube channel and I see all you do is post “nobama nobama” everywhere. grow up, kid… grow up.

  • VeradoonKing says:

    just reading your comment… I understand your low level of education. you are such an idiot.

    ahaha Colorado went for Obama. you must be so mad right now.

  • hymmofsilence says:

    A dying breed. About time.

  • kshhashim says:

    colorado is a bible belt hell hole.polygamy capital with so many pedophiles.

  • StanOfGB says:

    took my words

  • rascalferret says:

    Obama is an anchor baby

  • Bayzz2 says:

    that guy must have felt really stupid when he found out that Osama bin ladin was dead

  • xerakis says:

    nobama is a stinking lousy muslim dawg, his lousy dad wasa muslim , his mom was a muslim fucker, he went to a muslim school in the largest muslim country in the world. Yea nobama not a muslim….PATHETIC!! and the true Americans have spoken and this garbage socialist is done now!!!!!!

  • quidproquo2004 says:

    Maybe he’s not a racist, but he sure is an idiot. But, that’s his right.

  • 34601k says:

    The FBI didn’t check on him that’s why he got through. Not only that but he’s a psychiatrist a.k.a. doctor meaning his check was particularly lax than just the average soldier or a Ranger. In this case it was the Army and its medical department lack of judgement that allowed him to commit those horrible acts.

  • 1s1ksniper1 says:

    hay the FBI can fuck up on the background checks just look at the fort hood shooting

  • DaytonaRoadster says:

    ooo he beats his hispanic wife, and he wrote in an Uncle Tom to prove how not racist he

  • evilbeaverofdeath says:

    obama…dude…just prove it…and that fat bitch…HA!…idiot…obama…what do you have to prove by NOT showing it…dude cmon…

  • arachnophile01 says:

    Was Cenk born in Turkey? we may never know

  • 34601k says:

    Yes but look dude i order to become president on must be born in the US. Owing to the fact that he was able to be president is proof enough he was born here. Presidential candidates go through stringent background checks and i for one trust the FBI, etc. that do those checks.

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