2013 Ford Focus ST Interior and Exterior at 2012 New York International Auto Show

2013 Ford Focus ST Interior and Exterior at 2012 New York International Auto Show Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On this channel you will find videos of cars, motorcycles, motorboats, yachts, motor homes and everything that moves on wheels or in the water. In most of my short videos (2-5min), I take a look at the exterior design and interior arrangements of the vehicle, so you can receive general idea and appreciation of certain brand or model. My coverage is from Auto, Moto, Boat shows and dealerships from New York, Toronto and Montreal City areas and I have more than 950 High Definition videos, organized in playlist. To find a video of a certain model in my channel, just write the brand and model name in the search bar above, or have a look in my playlist. I am trying to constantly improve the quality of my videos, so you can enjoy in a better way all these beautiful pieces of machinery! You can find me on my official facebook and twitter pages: www.facebook.com www.twitter.com or if you have chance, check out my web site: www.automototube.net — there I have all my videos organized and all the vehicles easy to find. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! A lot more to come…

22 Responses to 2013 Ford Focus ST Interior and Exterior at 2012 New York International Auto Show

  • Hong Phuong Ha says:


  • Dean Pedley says:

    Ugly car spoil it totally

  • memphis407 says:

    well if it gets rid of of torque steer that’s great since torque steer is when the car wants to pull to one side due to the front axles on FWD cars are not the same length.
    but the electronic steering gives another problem because you don’t get good driver feed back from the tires like you do on older systems.

  • dwidep says:

    they say that due to the electronic steering, the computer eliminates the torque steer. I dont know if that is a good thing or not

  • 20lonDon20 says:

    Looks like a Peugeot to me. I think my upgrade will have to be a Golf

  • memphis407 says:

    wish it was rear wheel drive or all wheel drive because torque steer is really sucks when your trying to race.

  • s197Dustin says:

    Interior is the best part but its better with the color inserts

  • shawnspeed3 says:

    The interior is HIDEOUS!

  • raul espinoza says:

    looks great and base model is 25k

  • LickMiblls says:

    29k for this car? no thanks

  • Michael R. says:

    Not everyone’s exploiting 3rd world countries to make vehicles. But we know for sure usa is trying to do that to make a profit. That’s why many jobs were laid off here. Sounds like american companies are following the direction of the asian car companies nowadays. Cruze btw is made in korean/germany, focus is a mazda 3 and is tweeked in britan. talk about originality.

  • MIA7Xthies says:

    Everybody is exploiting third world countries to make a vehicle. But the american companies are making inexpensive, fuel efficient vehicles and then making fast version. I dont feel they are riced

  • Michael R. says:

    at least the asian car companies can keep the cars made in asia and america. american cars are like being built in third world countries.
    Ricer- and that is the direction american cars are going in these days. think of the dodge dart, chevy cruze, ford fiesta party and focus etc.

  • MIA7Xthies says:

    Oh, well then. Show me any car company that doesn’t have foreign engineers? Now a days, they all have foreign engineers even if they aren’t sold everywhere. Either way, this is far from a ricer, i don’t know if you know what a ricer is, but a ricer is a slow car that has a loud exhaust and all the show fast parts on it and no go fast parts.

  • Michael R. says:

    What? All I’m saying is that Ford cannot survive without turning to foreign engineers.

  • MIA7Xthies says:

    That’s a lot of misspelled words for anyone to understand. But if you mean to say that the FOMOCO ruined the MS3, You are mistaken. that car is amazing.

  • MIA7Xthies says:

    Pretty sure this will be my first new car purchase. I need a new daily driver and this car seems to fit the bill

  • Michael R. says:

    thats alot of tough words for a ford company that took a mazda built care and tuned it into an american ricer car.

  • DSM907Maniak says:

    Because subarus are shitty. Horrible gas mileage, weak ass transmission and way overpriced.

  • Daniel DeMayo says:

    is it front wheel drive? why get this when you can get a wrx? same hp numbers but awd is great

  • Davide888 says:

    Regular? That’s great news!

  • njmtbiker says:

    i was there on saturday looking at the ST and the rep said it uses regular unleaded. pretty psyched to see this come out. hopefully soon.

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