2012 Ford Focus Transmission Grinding

You may have noticed I don’t have a red Focus anymore. The dealer bought back the red one because there were so many issues, but talked me into buying another. I just got the new one back from the dealership today. I brought it in because the transmission makes a loud CRUNCH noise every time it shifts into second. The dealer handed me a letter from headquarters stating the noise is normal operation and “do not attempt to repair”. The car was already reprogrammed with the newest “customer satisfaction” software update 3 months ago. The grinding noise your hear just before I pass the camera is the transmission. My car is only 7 months old with 16000 miles.

This shows how the to program ignition keys using the Ford IDS software and VCM. using a approved j 2534 device and Ford Module Programming software is almost the same. Using these interface devices you must have a active ids or fmp subscription from Ford.

8 Responses to 2012 Ford Focus Transmission Grinding

  • Toby Witt says:

    I have the same issue with mine. The dealer tells me there’s nothing they can do about it. It started on mine around 7,000 miles and I now have 27,000 miles on it. It worked perfect up until then. My car was built in August 2012. I’ve heard the issue isn’t found in cars built after that. I like the car, hate the transmission. I’d trade it in, but it’s paid for now with a couple thousand in customizing (Ziebart, tinted windows, paint protection).

  • EnigmaticConondrum says:

    From THAT distance and you the camcorder picked up the sound with that level of clarity? Good grief… that absolutely is not normal, and it’s the same sound many Focus owners have reported.

    People should be turning their heads at an awesome-looking car. Not something that looks like it’s choking a braying donkey…

  • notreallyhere1022 says:

    It didn’t make this noise when I bought the car. It didn’t even start until about 5,000 miles were on it. At 14,000 miles I had them re-flash the transmission with their new update. The car has 16,000 miles on it now. After the update the sound has gotten dramatically louder every week and the car and steering wheel shake with the noise. It echos off anything I drive by and everyone turns their heads to see “what just got ran over?”

  • Trent Wentworth says:

    That sounds like the actuator shifting the fork for the transmission putting it into second gear. Sounds normal to me. You may have actuator that is louder than others.

  • AirmanJH says:

    I appreciate the video. I think I may be onto something with this transmission. I updated the description on my video. Check it out.

  • ZeniaVilnius says:

    Hi Brian, where do you getting incodes for Fords from 2010 ?

  • Brian Mann says:

    The vcm (vehichle communication module) is the factory/ oe dealer interface device to use the IDS (integrated diagnostics software / system ) ids only works with at vcm or vcm2 at this time. the bosch flasher pro will work for most programming with FMP (ford module programming)- Fords j 2534 software.

  • dblr616 says:

    Thanks for sharing Brian. Is the vcm a ford tool or is it just a different style programmer like your Bosch?

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