2011 MINI Cooper Countryman, Detailed WalkAround.

Sponsored by www.couponsoffersanddeals.com (Free Digital Coupons), http (For Auto Dealers) and www.ANProximityMarketing.com (Mobile Advertising). BMW Group Launch held in Philadelphia, PA. was setting for 2011 MINI Cooper Countryman walk around. May 10-12, 2010.
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25 Responses to 2011 MINI Cooper Countryman, Detailed WalkAround.

  • MySamisbest says:

    its HUGE!!!

  • billnseattle says:

    I like the car overall! It can be used for driving in the snow and mountains using the All Wheel Drive.

  • Daveinet says:

    You have no idea. A few inches taller and longer makes is handle like crap. You obviously have not test driven one. The rear end has the weight extremely high up and it swings all over the place. It is a very poor design from a handling standpoint. Its a Japanese SUV with the wrong name on it.

  • MrWhatabeach says:

    Why are so many people bitching and complaining that it’s not mini omg mini is just a brand and the brought a 4 door version in its mini compared to the competition. Just cause its a few inches taler and longer don’t mean nothing. Get over it it’s called th real world and for this company to make mor money they had to make a mini with four doors to fit a family in it.

  • MsNickiLover says:

    3:25 “The reason why WE did that is to…” He did design it..

  • martypuug says:

    @durblood i know the older one were much better

  • 298916 says:

    in asia its the japanese who designs the mini crossovers

  • G6EJD says:

    I’m sorry but an American could not design that car…it’s German

  • dunti21 says:

    lol, the hood scoop isn’t functional. What a gimmick car…

  • marlakapoor says:

    @thereIsAHeaven …just bought one.$32 grand…lots of extras.

  • ginty777 says:

    He is actually the design engineer of the countryman, so that is why he knows so much about the car. I found that out when I went to a mini tour yesterday.

  • ThereIsAHeavenX says:

    it oes kinda look like a small van i fucking want 1 :D how much it costs?

  • huckim222 says:

    i agree!!

  • Adrian Choi says:

    That is a very good salesman. He took the time to learn about the car and memorize the information. Very sweet car as well. 

  • ReaninLove says:

    I’m getting a 2011 Mini Cooper as my first car. I’m scared though, because I read a lot of complaints about the power steering giving out. Yikes…

  • minimolly6 says:

    my mini cooper didn’t.

  • ButRachaelsays21 says:

    every one is being such a bitch though there saying its not safe i dont care though

  • soulshower says:

    Deep trunk, so where’s the spare tire, or do you just get run-flats???

  • XMajorasMaskX says:

    your getting a mini cooper as your first car!!! you are one lucky bastard…

  • stromlo2010 says:

    Waiting for my ordered countryman S which has a back log of 5-6months wait. This is a second car, we own a cooper s camden. And NO you can’t say this looks common, Duh! I took home a demo car and always got the drooling looks. If you can’t own one I guess you try and look for flaws LOL. MINI is an icon!

  • ChangEthan says:

    please check my video, click thumbs up and subscribe it. please help me. it is about bmw mini cooper airbag problems

  • AndyRoddick969 says:

    this guy speaks better than Steve Jobs with his iPhone pitch.

  • deanc2000 says:

    There is NOT a middle seat in the back. It is now occupied by the “rail”. Whoever thought of this should have been fired. Such a bad idea.

  • deanc2000 says:

    I don’t know if I like the exterior styling of this new model. It’s less stylish than the cooper s. The Cooper S looks HOT, and the Clubman looks less hot, kind of out of proportion. This looks more common to me, resembles a Honda SUV, or maybe it’s just me.

  • babi6172 says:

    amoooo o mini! sem duvidas para mim eh o carro mais lindo e gracioso!! eu kero um!!! :) parabens!

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