2011 Kia Optima, Infinity Sound Demo

Sponsored by www.couponsoffersanddeals.com (Free Digital Coupons), http (For Auto Dealers) and www.ANProximityMarketing.com (Mobile Advertising). Steve Ernst, Sales & marketing Manager, Harman International, demoes Infinity Premium System to journalists at launch of 2011 Kia Optima held in Newport Beach, CA. 09.20-21.10

25 Responses to 2011 Kia Optima, Infinity Sound Demo

  • Matthew Yarletts says:

    my 05 lancer oz has infinity bass

  • AkosiMRswabe says:

    Still waiting for some info. Called Harman Kardon also but they said ask KIA about it. Sucks!

  • Gregg Weiss says:

    I just my my 2013 Optima EX and I can’t find that button either?surround sound?did you find a answer?

  • Gregg Weiss says:

    I just bought a new 2013 Optima EX is it the same stereo?

  • VideoUploaderr says:

    That sounded extremely good !!

  • AkosiMRswabe says:

    Liers! I have the same car with exactly the same stereo but that surround function is not there.

  • AkosiMRswabe says:

    I’ve got the stereo but the sorround sound is not really available. It’s just for show. They are lier!

  • Carebethbee says:

    lol Anything Apple is made in China dork….BOSE is garbage

    Infinity and Harmon Kardon….great stuff. Just cause it’s made in China doesn’t make it “crap” as you call it.

  • ridinCLEAN97 says:

    lol why wouldn’t you just buy some aftermarket infinity kappa speakers they will be at least twice as loud with a good amplifier

  • truepass2679 says:

    come on old man , how do you not know what a subwoofer is ?? 

  • moviemansam22 says:

    track 16 is Sandstorm by Darude. 

  • moviemansam22 says:

    Yes, there is a basic sound system, the Infinity is just an available option.

  • Robert Panganiban says:

    I have the same exact stereo nav on my 2012 sx but that surround button is not there. Why is that?

  • Sercan Duman says:

    I wonder what is the music played

  • actionjohnny93 says:

    lol he doesnt know wat a subwoofer is…

  • EdVoylesKiaChamblee says:

    Great explanation most don’t know the difference when looking into sounds!

  • elkina20 says:

    apple products are made in china, no langer american products

  • DonStephon says:

    That’s so funny that the Kia comes with a Infinity Sound System while Infinity renters and owners complain about Infinity having a limited sound system. I’ve personally been in a G37 and I myself am not impressed. I usually go with more money is better, but the Kia Optima may be what I call, ” A real deal”.

  • regxjin says:



    I’ll take my Brax Matrix Speaker, Mcintosh Amp set up anyday.

  • cptn747 says:

    sounds great!!!

  • Robert Grafton says:

    could I buy a kia optima with a more basic head unit because I want to replace wiith all aftermarket equipment. I have my car hooked up with some expensive stuff and i love the sound I have now.

  • Robert Grafton says:

    could I buy a kia optima with a more basic head unit because I want to replace wiith all aftermarket equipment. I have my car hooked up with some expensive stuff and i love the sound I have now.

  • RallyRocks01 says:

    The controls are nice and sophisticated looking while still looking sporty. The interior is of high quality, something you might see in a European car like BMW or Audi. This car blows away any car within its price range. Nothing at all compairs… What seriously? A Hyundai Sonata? LOL! The Sonata maybe nice, and the engine similar if not the same but it has NOTHING on the Opt’s style nor driving performance.

  • RallyRocks01 says:

    Grow the **** up and jump off the I only like American trash car train. This car concerning specs and driving is better than some of the BMW’s I test drove before I bought my Optima. The turbo owns the WRX, (A car in my childish haste purchased prior to the Optima. I sold the WRX and bought this car instead when I found out about it) The acceleration is smooth, handling very sporty. The insides do not feel like cheap plastic…

  • RallyRocks01 says:

    The Saab harmon K’s had the most crisp sound of any system I’ve heard in a car, including that of BOSE. Bose is trash in comparison to these. The head unit guts that have to do with the sound system are designed by Infinity so enough of the trash talk about the head unit. You throw an Opera DVD or CD into that head unit and you’ll think your physically at the Opera, just better, I love the Optima’s seats…. Now… for those of you who are shitting on the KIA and this new model…

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