2011 Infiniti QX, Detailed WalkAround.

Sponsored by www.couponsoffersanddeals.com (Free Digital Coupons), http (For Auto Dealers) and www.ANProximityMarketing.com (Mobile Advertising). Walk around QX56 from Louisville at Ardmore Farm. Part of media launch held in Louisville, KY. May 18, 2010.

25 Responses to 2011 Infiniti QX, Detailed WalkAround.

  • 398384007 says:

    just press it once

  • cdd7012 says:

    dose the same botton turn the truck off?

  • Carmaker1 says:

    Okay, thanks. You safely do the same.


    I am glad to hear that you and your family found the right vehicle. However your story cannot change my visual perception about the interior and exterior of this car. Drive carefully, enjoy your life..

  • Carmaker1 says:

    Okay, fair point. That comment of mine was unacceptable. I’m referring to the fact that you called the interior(?) of this the ugliest thing in the world as I’ve had 3 QX56s in my family, with this one being the latest.The interior quality is far beyond that of anything in its class, so color me a little ticked with that comment of yours. The front isn’t so easy on the eyes on here, but it’s much better in person and the level of quality is very present.


    and why are you comparing a car with human being?


    how do you know I am ugly>?

  • Carmaker1 says:

    Actually, that would be you.


    one of the ugliest thing in the world!

  • hotman pham says:

    i had the escalade before i love the way it look butttt the suv is suckkkk i trade this suv within 15 months is alsways have a problem. my 2 other had the same things…. i just bought qx56 2012 for my wife today i love it . look verrrry nice at least japanese will last longer than us car

  • shrimpnbeer says:

    Other than it sounding like a truck, this vehicle is sweet. Just test drove one yesterday.

  • freebird20002012 says:

    any negative comments about this video = jealousy :) 

  • freebird20002012 says:

    if you are american i laugh at you. because american cars suck so bad they imitate japanese (like buick and ford). german cars are BLAND like their nazi food.

  • seinfeldfan7898 says:

    60 grand

  • hideto1993 says:

    i need this car!!!1

  • wimbriemooreatgmail says:

    Is the center console in between the two second row bucket seats removable?

  • mikejrboy2005 says:

    Whts the starting price of this vehicle

  • John Carson says:

    Seriously I can respect the fact that you like the Mercedes GL as I do too but I wouldn’t go as far to say that the Mercedes GL is “superior” to the Qx56. There is really nothing the Mercedes GL has to offer that the Qx56 doesn’t already come with unless of course you’re comparing Mercedes heritage vs Infiniti Heritage. For starters the QX56 was dubbed the class leader for its interior. The Luxury, refinement, quality and aesthetic appeal is far more then that of a GL.

  • ARG3NT1N1AN says:

    too much platic for such a beautiful car…but now a days all cars have plastic

  • TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

    To infinity and beyond….

  • blkbimmer90 says:

    Yes its a Japanese brand , the vehicle was mad in the US

  • normalais says:

    Sounds like you just hate the Japanese. You’re definitely not reasonable. This car is way cooler and more luxurious than a GL. And I bet much more reliable.

  • Houeeey says:

    The Mercedes GL is definitely not garbage, it’s tons more luxurious than this car. Japanese engineers don’t have a clue about how to make their cars luxurious, take a look at Nissan, Honda, and Toyota, they don’t have bad cars but they are not luxurious, infiniti is an attempt but they aren’t even close to what German engineers are capable of producing

  • normalais says:

    Mercedes GL is garbage. Terribly unreliable. Would not be caught dead in it. G class is the german Hummer, great truck, but nowhere near as luxurious as this.

  • Houeeey says:

    I don’t think that this car compares to any german engineering, the Mercedes GL and G class are both better than this SUV, I will admit that this is a luxurious car for a japanese brand

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