2011 Equinox noise on start-up

**UPDATE 1/5/2012** After making initial contact with GM over two months ago, GM has finally agreed to replace the vehicle, however, it remains to be seen exactly what the final cost will be to me. Will update when it is in writing, and completed. As a recap – Vehicle first stalled after only 3 weeks of ownership, dealer did nothing to diagnose and/or repair. Four repairs for this start-up noise and stalling at low speeds (while pulling out into traffic) were attempted throughout the first 8 months of ownership. All repairs failed to permanently correct the problems. ****UPDATE 9/26****** If your vehicle has approx build date between 2/17/11 – 6/6/11, it may qualify for the RECALL 11195, issued to address emissions concerns, rough idle and poor driveability with possible stalling at low throttle openings (when accelerating from a stop, especially right after you put the car into gear). This recall is NOT intended to correct the start-up engine noise, HOWEVER, most people that have the recall work performed HAVE seen the engine noise also disappear. Call your dealer and ask them to look up your VIN and see if the recall applies to your vehicle – GM has been mailing out recall notices to the affected owners since mid-August, but many people have reported that they still have not gotten theirs in the mail yet. Your dealer can verify for you though, and the sooner you get the work done, the better. The recall requires an ECM update AT THE SAME TIME as they replace the
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  • zenmasterjen1 says:

    “…build dates approx between Feb/2011 – June/2011.” Well, here’s hoping for RECALL 11195C because I purchased my 2011 Equinox in late September 2010 and am having the same problem. Car’s been in the shop 6 times between Sept 2010 and July 2012. Reported knocking sound in April 2011, but “unable to verify”. July saw fuel pump replacement, gas leaked into engine and I AGAIN mentioned knocking on startup. Was blown off AGAIN. FINALLY got engine knocking on video and am taking it in…sigh.

  • subaraptor says:

    Suggestion: Read Consumer Reports and follow their recommendations. It has saved me hundreds of headaches and tens of thousands of dollars in the last 11 years. It’s your money, why not spend it as wisely as you see fit?

  • subaraptor says:

    A few years ago, I worked for TRW Automotive, and OEM supplier to several domestic and foreign manufacturers. We bid on a contract to supply actuators to GM. They repeatedly wanted them cheaper, but had no concern for quality. We tried to cheapen the product as much as possible without effect to quality. They came back with the suggestion to “remove the return spring” to get the build cost cheap enough. This was one of MANY similar interactions between TRW Automotive and General Motors. No GM4me

  • thelovedoc568 says:

    i have the same sound but my car is still tough cause i drive it hard everyday

  • youman0101 says:

    were do i go to view the recalls casue i have a 2011 terrain.

  • Jeep Cherokee says:

    Hi everyone, I’m not in USA but I have a 2010 Chevy Equinox LS with AWD 2.4L … I have the same problem, when I start the engine in the morning I hear this noise ! well, I’m in Kurdistan and there’s no GM dealership ! it’s cause damage if I’m not going to do with it?

  • theworldmovesforlove says:

    After four attempted repairs on the vehicle on this video (I’m the owner) GM is going to replace my Equinox. Keep everything documented and do what you can to work with GM on a replacement option, they may help you, rather than pursuing through a lemon law. Good luck.


  • SuperPontiac1979 says:

    Ok I just performed the 1st step of the tsb.First was to reflash the pcm w/ updated perameters,Then check the cam soloenoids for debris in the screens.I didnt find anything,but replaced them anyway.Set vehicle outside to get cold.Noise still present,replaced the phasers.This solved the issue.Now in small amount of cases the oil pump was replaced this was more for the extended rattle (longer than 3 seconds) noise originates from the solonoids,but in most all cases the phasers need to be replaced.

  • theworldmovesforlove says:

    I updated the video comments to add comments about the current RECALL 11195B that is open on many 2011 Equinox/Terrains with build dates approx between Feb/2011 – June/2011. This recall is not intended to correct the start-up noise, however it has helped many with this problem. If the recall does not correct this problem, or if your vehicle does not qualify for the recall, then under PI0562, you can have the Actuators replaced to address the start-up noise.

  • schoolmaster1945 says:

    Found out there is a recall out for this #11195A….this is my punishment for buying American….GM still is making junk putting lipstick on a pig….damn them…called the dealer and waiting for Hell to freeze over when they get back to me….SCREW GM!!!!!!!

  • theworldmovesforlove says:

    GM is “saying” that it will not cause damage, however, they are saying a possible cause could be debris (metal shavings) in oil from engine break-in. It’s possible that these shavings (can sometimes be seen in the pleats of your filter) can clog the filters on the solenoids, which would cause problems with the flow of oil. So, I think that over a long period of time, maybe even years, it would cause SOME kind of damage.

  • infinity3jif says:


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