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10 year or 160oooKm factory warranty best in Canada, Visit Mitsubishi-Canada to Review MSRP Optional Tires & Rims with Factory Sun & Sound system. SE “BASE” included in the MSRP: -IIHS top safety pick using high-tensile-strenght steel in RISE unibody design enhances occupant protection -Aluminum roof to lower center of gravity for better control -Air bags with seat position & occupant sensors locations: front seats, roof curtain front & back, in dash, steering wheel & knee bag for driver. -ABS with 4 wheel disk brakes plus Electronic Brakeforce Distribution EBD -Actice Stability Control & Traction Contol -Lighting auto off headlamps, tail lights with clear lenses, side marker UK style -Continuously Variable Transmission CVT with adaptive shift control -2.0L aluminum alloy block & head DOHC 16v electonic controled timing *Recommended Reg.Fuel -Manual air Conditioning with Micron air filter -Power options with auto up-down on drivers window -Remote keyless entry -AM-FM CD/MP3 audio system 6 speakers with Aux-port for I-pod, steering wheel audio controls 10″sup & amp -Bluetooth interface pre-wired contols on wheel -16″ alloy rims with tire pressure montoring -Two peace folding rear seats with easy loading low flat floor loads of usable cargo capacity View the Videos for more details & product information I try my best but confirm the details when visiting the dealer ship
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So my brother tells me his car is not stopping and the brake pedal is slowly sinking to the floor when he is at a stop light, my solution, a master cylinder replacement. Join me on this quest to make the roads a little bit safer by helping my brother with this little problem. I know I do lots of stuff on Honda’s and Acura’s but I do work on other things too and we will get to those in the near future but for now I have a stock of footage of these cars so deal with it. I am trying to help you after all, and I hope that I do. If you really want me to do something I have 2 words, video response. Try that and I will pay attention. I get tons of text things but no video, I think I’m worth it, don’t you? Visit me at EricTheCarGuy.com ericthecarguy.com Visit EricTheCarGuy Forum www.ericthecarguy.com Visit my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com As always,stay dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, no information contained in

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  • Vlad Gilgut says:


  • KrunchyKaine says:

    91-97 Honda Civic or Accord. But I’d go with the Lancer, Ralliart all the way though.

  • OUTlashed says:

    mitsubishi lancer or subaru impreza??? which should i get for my first car? :O

  • fm51097 says:

    what if i want to buy that car. Were do i have to go. and will you have that for like a year or because i was think to buy that for 16 years old son

  • timmy22withan38 says:

    sale some accolade body damnit gts -r one hub socket race wheels six to seven stoke rims high flo exhaust and mass intake manifold. car deal with upgraded cylinderhead people blow cylinderheads complete balance crank with longer push rods high temperature forge suramic piston and high compression oil pump ,

  • ThaBR33D says:

    “A fog light is standard” Lol this guy is hilarious… Wish I lived in canada.

  • casperella8 says:

    i own a 2009 lancer fixin to get a new one!! LOVE THEM!!

  • keithatmitsubishi says:

    There is a payment Calculator at Mitsubishi Canadian web sight also you can build in options plus promotional rates at O% up to 72Months Yes 3 years at O%. Great time to buy a Lancer very little changes from the 2010 to the 2011 models.

  • Neja88888 says:

    Hi – what deals are being offered for October going into November. As well – this interior lighting looks like a 2009 – isnt the 2010 blue lights for the speed panel. Finally, I am wondering about button starts for the Lancers – true or myth?

  • keithatmitsubishi says:

    Sept. 2010 programs O% for 72 months Listing MSRP at $21,898 includes delivery & PDI plus HST & MTO-Tages Payments starting at $345 in standard SE trim Options to add $1200 Auto CVT, $2200 Sun roof-Audio upgrade+BlueTooth mod, After market $1800 Leather trim, Call 4 window tinting, Call for 17-19″rims & tires, call for detailed pricing all information from Mitsubishi Canada *WILL DELIVER CAR TO YOUR DOOR IN ONTARIO…With Deposit

  • ACASARES32 says:

    deffinantly BAD ASS…ill have one ina few months :) great vid.

  • keithatmitsubishi says:

    If you are talking Carbon fiber panels? The after market offer just about every thing for the Mitsubishi line up do a little research on line “Google it”. Only your pocket book would hold you back.

  • Vonnx3 says:

    how much carbon can you put on it

  • Kyle Zafft says:

    no the (warning ice)…is annoying, I have it on my 08 outlander,…..I figure if you cant tell its going to be (cold) & (icey) outside, you shouldn’t be driving….:-S

  • superzlxy says:

    i really love this thing
    i am thinking of buying one XD

  • keithatmitsubishi says:

    235/35 r19 are what the car is running from FAST company that deals in rim & tire packages.

  • TornTech says:

    How big are those wheels?

  • blinkdan718 says:

    great video. is this process the same on an accord with ABS? i need to replace the master cylinder on my 94 accord but i’m not sure if it will affect the ABS system

  • Sergio Viscarra says:

    Great video awesome for us diyers thanks.

  • axisofelvis says:

    great video – thanks for posting

  • RideWorks1 says:

    hey there Honda man hiyo doing, have not seen you in awhile, my s10 master cylinder failed and i bought a new one, the thing is when i got home i discovered that the new master has a sensor down the reservoir while the original has not ! both look identical except the sensor, i got it from the dealer after he had looked the part number up in the computer by my car’s VIN . should i return the master or just ignore the sensor !? is there any possible way to connect that sensor to my car !?

  • John Davis says:

    I don’t think your brother likes the camera lol

  • EthansOpinion92 says:

    your rotors are warped.

  • gatorgar55 says:

    Great video, thanks

  • Antonio Ruiz says:

    Eric granda filmetoj, dankon.

  • ruth diaz says:

    hey etcg i just bought a acura and i have a leak on my master cylinder and i cant find were from but it looks like it is from were u bolt it down. do i take it off and check it or buy new one ur vids are great good job very help full u will hear from me more sorry spanish cant spell

  • Anglynn74 says:

    worried about my car. I have a 04 Toyota Highlander. Year ago was told the rotors were bad so the mechanic flipped the rotors said I could still drive on them for just a little bit. Since then, brakes pulsate when coming to a slow stop, steering wheel shakes when braking at high speeds, now in the past 2 days I have to press the brake pedal lower than usual to get the car to slow down. My husband drove it & said he didn’t notice anything but this is happening. What could this be???? Rotors?

  • hks071 says:

    My civic 94 pull left when braking, like there is no brake on the right front wheel, also the paddle sink to the floor. Do u know why?

  • hks071 says:

    Is there a way to tell certainly that u need to replace the BMC?

  • hks071 says:

    So glad I have a right hand drive car, the hoses are easy to get to

  • Steve Balee says:

    Thank you very helpful!

  • sergiocuellar980 says:

    hi eric on the video the master cylinder only had two lines now how do you bench bleed a master cylinder with four lines my is from a mercury mystique 98 4cylinders i need some help plese thank you n happy holidays .

  • Nasheem whye says:

    On that note people if you have a low or spongy brake pedal it can be air in the system or worn pads, keep it simple check your fluid resovoir if its low it can mean that you have worn brake pads. A braking system is a sealed sysem and in optimal conditon should not leak so check you break pads to see if their worn, your reservoir acts as a guage that should’nt be opened and will get low if you break pads or lining is worn if thats not the case then go with Erics video.

  • yort002 says:

    Hey eric when you were saying.You can get a tool with a tube to recirc the fluid.Could you use a bleeding nipple/valve and a bit of normal tubing?.CHEERS GREAT VID BY THE WAY

  • Abdul Azim says:

    Hang on there love, I’m busy!
    NOOO,, It’s not what you think love,, I swear I was not watching Eric the Car Guy again :)

  • thirstyrob says:

    Great video keep them coming.

  • funluvr9 says:

    Very helpful. Doing this job tonight. Thanks.

  • basslinenut says:

    @gaitorbaitz11 most likley ur brake servo has gon as it works from a vacum

  • ReloadDom says:

    Very helpful Eric thanks! Keep up the good work

  • rensomurguia says:

    Nice my frend yu help my a lat tnks

  • chevy van says:

    I second that, love my 1970 chevy truck w/straight 6 motor. Never lets me down.

  • mrfack07 says:

    hi Eric….the order is the same for all the master cylinders (left front-right rear; rigth front-left rear) for any cars?..btw nice job there^^

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