2007 Chevy Tahoe Engine Part 5, The End – EricTheCarGuy

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25 Responses to 2007 Chevy Tahoe Engine Part 5, The End – EricTheCarGuy

  • BimmerM5e39 says:

    And also try it on the cylinder next to #6 while the oilpan was off, water would have poured through cylinder #6 lol. But he said the oil mixed with coolant in part 1 when he drained it, im not so sure now? So if the engine lost compression it had blow by thats why smoke came out the of the oil cap!

  • puffthepimp says:

    This job is 18.8 hours book time.. 

  • Justin Cloete says:

    The Poor owner of that Tahoe forked out all that money coz a Fucken piston RING . If that was my car i would be pissed

  • Posen Auto says:

    Piston rings do spin on the piston while running. I have seen this problem on some 4.3s. Sometimes carbon can cause them not to spin correctly. Sometimes GM top engine cleaner can correct this. There is a excellent very old school chrysler training video on here that covers this subject very well. If you want the link give me a holler back.

  • quartermilecamel says:

    why did this engine have to go back? I would have rebuilt the dam thing and sold it.

  • quartermilecamel says:

    hell overheating would have also killed other cylinders too. I would have checked that cylinder for ovalness and the rings for loss of strength. Piston could also be at fault. dirty ring lands, possable failing/defective piston not sealing correcty against rings?

  • quartermilecamel says:

    rings lost their tensile strength due to overheating?

  • quartermilecamel says:

    warped block, rings if they were contacting in that spot would have wiped away all traces of malfunction

  • melvinflugalhoper says:

    BTW, you are a good mechanic Eric…I like watching your videos because of your knowledge and patience – auto mechanic is an extraordinarily complex trade these days.

  • melvinflugalhoper says:

    The chamber on the head looked pretty good (not alot of carbon).I am of the impression that when oil looses its viscocity it will not help seal the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall.There is supposed to be a gap of .0012 to .0032 of clearance.Considering the condition of the oil you could have gotten blow by on all cylinders doing a static test like that.You have to crank the engine several times for a proper compression test.I’m with Christian and Fatty – I call head gasket.

  • Christian Harlow says:

    Head gasket

  • Fatty Webgems says:

    leak down tests aren’t always fool proof

  • Fatty Webgems says:

    head gasket.

  • zBEASTORz says:

    Its still kinda weird,. If you look at it it doesn’t look really that bad but still so much compression lose. Sometimes you just need to replace it because you cant find anny real problem. i think its kinda weird.

  • jeepers2655 says:

    my kids` Neon,had a major issue,the OIL was sucked from the pan and put in the coolant. not a normal coolant in the oil. the rad looked like chocolate syrup! bad head?

  • Mebob2001 says:

    ok listen, this is something that is seen RARLY, i work for a GM dealer, one fo the largest in eastren canada, we have one fo the top engine tech in canada, this is due to lack of oil changes which cause the rings to stick in the groove’s from the engine tapper, the tapper is worse because of lack of oil changes, and the rings do line up sometimes, so this one had both issue’s, eric was RIGHT with this comment, look at the carbon on the piston skirt’s..

  • bigbossmonty says:

    Hi from Scotland.
    Enjoyed your vids went on to 2007 Chevy series nice to see someone showing the unknown hidden and unexpected problems you came across, Only comment and its not directly aimed at the line up of rings, On a forum this came up about ring lining up some said the rings rotate when in use and some pistons have pins/stops built in stopping ring rotation. But what the hell engine replaced customer happy and liked the measuring of ring gap 1 way of various I use to measure cylinders.

  • TheSmreeder says:

    The most intelligent man Knows the least of of his subject… Confusish
    Many Blessings ,

  • zxtenn says:

    Eric —ring end gap is usually .004-005 X bore diameter so with a 4 inch bore .016 would be normal, were the head/valves ok for that cylinder?

  • lozantus82 says:

    By the way i also tested the coil and i have spark, i even swapped out coil pack 7 and placed it on coil pack 5 with the same results. Idk but tomorrow i plan on passing a propane torch over the intake plenum to check for leaks near cylinder 5. The truck accelerates smooth but it does not idle okay. What should i do next?

  • lozantus82 says:

    Good work eric i am going through the exact same thing right with my 2003 yukon XL with a 5.3. It is throwing a p0305 i am hearing some noises in the bottom end at around 2500 rpm and the car idles like shit. I have done a power balance test by unplugging the coil packs, and the car runs the same on cylinder 5. I also preasurized the fuel pump and pulsed the injector with the power probe and it pules fine, i also tested compression and preasure was at 180 psi. I am stumped lol idk what to do!!!

  • wsfree1 says:

    Alright Sir… to follow up… Oil control ring failure or the compression rings lined up? Both? Compression leakage evident on the cylinder wall or excess oil being burnt off leaving the mark on the cylinder wall (#6)…? Or I don’t know what the deuce I’m talking about.

  • carrepairgrandrapids says:

    This ROCKS! How awesome. Thanks man, you just made my day.

  • jessemc2 says:

    you could have valve seat problem or even a coilpack go out, the rings get “washed out” with raw unburnt fuel, that is not a lubricant! The leakdown will show abnormal leakage in that cylinder, because it is dry!!, the fuel spraying in keeps washing off the oil coating! always run a leakdown and compression test in both cold and hot, with and without oil to get the complete picture!

  • john doe says:

    if it was gasket ( note i said if it was a gasket) wont all cylinders haave coolant in them.. i remember my 96 buick regal had gasket prob, but only the head had coolant in it.

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