2004 Toyota 4Runner Transmission Fluid and Filter Change (Part 1) -EricTheCarGuy

Visit me at: www.ericthecarguy.com Discussion about this video: www.ericthecarguy.com To be honest if I were to do this job again I would just change the fluid and leave the filter alone. It’s much less of a headache and you won’t have to worry about the exhaust which would be the most challenging part in my opinion. Aside from that it’s not likely a filter change will have any real benefit since it’s a closed system. In addition there is some speculation as to what the service interval actually is for the transmission fluid and filter is. Lastly be sure that you have some sort of pump to get the fluid into the transmission before you get started because as I show in the video there is no dip stick for this transmission that you can fill through. You also need to be sure to use the proper fluid, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the MaxLife that I used will hold up fine, so far it’s been about 2 months since I shot this video and it seems to be fine. In all it’s not a bad job there are just specific procedures that need to be followed to be successful with it. Stay dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools

25 Responses to 2004 Toyota 4Runner Transmission Fluid and Filter Change (Part 1) -EricTheCarGuy

  • Matthew55904 says:

    itd just like with antifreeze and power steering fluid no need to ever replace if its never using fluid where u have to add and if it dont leak it dont hurt a thing infact my mechanic said hes never heard of “flushing” power steering or ever having to change it. Hes a seasoned mechanic

  • windywindy says:

    by the time your tranny slips after you change it get ready for a tranny rebuild

  • takethis2urgrv says:

    @takethis2urgrv it’s always a bright cherry red, should I go every 50k ?

  • takethis2urgrv says:

    do u recommend changing transmission fluid every 30k miles? I usually drop pan and change fluid I never drain torque converter and my fluid is alwAys a bright cheer

  • 11cgapin says:

    Tiny metallic particles can score valve body walls and pump internals when present in enough quantity, the magnets help keep these particles in the bottom of the pan until your next fluid change.

  • Matthew55904 says:

    nope dead serious its just one of meny ways for mechanics to get money

  • sami khan says:

    wt purpose of magnets?

  • Tallerico500 says:

    I hope you’re not serious.

  • Daniel Cruz says:

    Great vid!!!!
    thanks Eric!!!

  • gjl07 says:

    Eric, You know what i like from your videos?, its that you dont skip nothing you show us the whole thing, its like been there with You doing the work & observing all the things that could happend……Im lerning a lot with your videos, keep it up man and Thanks

  • JenaflexAM1 says:

    For DIY, If the gasket comes pretty early(like, a day before your installation), you may put something heavy to press it for a night.

  • Matthew55904 says:

    there is no need to replace the transmission fluid unless its slipping

  • manuel ramirez says:

    eric i have an 05 honda civic ex do i need to change the transmission filter??

  • Logan Wild says:

    This is using dextron III which is a 30K interval on fluid exchange

  • Logan Wild says:

    most of all the newer toyotas need a scan tool to provide correct readings

  • MrJerkoffkid says:

    pulled the jack off

  • santi781 says:

    how many hours did this take from the moment you started jacking the car to the moment you pulled the jack away?


    Haha Gosh I’ve never seen anyone use a jack that fast did you take a 5 hour energy ?

  • TheThurak13 says:

    Hi Erick At how many miles u recommend changing the Transmission Fluid?

  • chamuko1967 says:

    Eric; I’ve got a 2006 3.8 Lt. 6 cylinder Town & Country with 96,000 miles on it. Recently I have detected when first starting of the van (cold start) and putting it on drive (D) gear makes a “rough kick/thump”; please note this “only” happens on the first start in the morning, once you pass this “cold morning start” it doesn’t happen again during the rest of the day starts/normal driving/gear changes. Any ideas / comments ? Thanks much…

  • melissa mainville says:

    Eric thankyou sooo much…. I love you!! SOOOO attractive,… when a man can fix something.. very smart,,,yum yum,.,.

  • feelitworking says:

    Do all the electronics in the gearbox assembly sit in the oil? I thought that would cause problems.

  • feelitworking says:

    4.7litre v8 , why can’t we have engines like this in the UK!!!!!

  • fusionstar916 says:

    sell some hats and shirts, get a lift! That jack looks sketchy.

  • montefiveforty1 says:

    That other bolt on the bottom of the pan is the fill.

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