1999 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shoe Replacement (Part 1) – EricTheCarGuy

Visit me at: www.ericthecarguy.com See part 2: www.youtube.com I know I’ve done videos on this before but never on this vehicle, I’ve also taken many of the comments from the other videos that I’ve done on rear shoe replacement and incorporated those updates into this video so in a way this is sort of an “Re:” video to rear shoe replacement. I’ll just stress again how important it is to use the proper tools for this and also recommend that you wear eye protection while working with hammers and power tools. — Click below and Stay Dirty Visit me at EricTheCarGuy.com ericthecarguy.com Visit EricTheCarGuy Forum www.ericthecarguy.com Visit my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com — Stay dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Обзор британского автомобиля Rover 75. Достоинства, недостатки, слухи и прописные истины.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 Responses to 1999 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shoe Replacement (Part 1) – EricTheCarGuy

  • julian duque says:

    I think that putting an engine on the bare floor is somewhat risky, i bet you could just put a tire under it

  • josephhosea says:

    Eric need help got a 99 gmc youkon striped transfer case plug,it’s a 1/4 plug what can i do?

  • dljones33 says:

    I’m not sure the break cleaning fluid is any better to breath than break dust but what do I know…. what do you think Eric?

  • ccipherscope1 says:

    what is NIC?

  • adam felix says:

    so my girlfriend drove my truck home with the E brake on. then she left it like that. so i had to check out the drums….they were worped into a oblong shape. becouse the metal cooled weired with the E-brake allplied so i thought im gonna lathe them my self by doing a hundred miles an hour and slam the truck into her house.

  • twindragon731 says:

    Why do you have a primary she was the back to the secondarys in the front. 2the dirt hole punches out and you can use a dirt plug. I watched a few videos and as a back back yard tech its shady. Some stuff you do scares me to think you can help and hurt them at the same time

  • dgo610 says:

    Thanks for telling people to use safety glasses :)

  • mrexecutive1 says:

    Great Video! anyone have any videos on replaceing brake shoes on full floating axles

  • ThomasXp says:

    One time I got oil in my eye. It hurt. I wear prescription glasses to. Next time I will wear safety glasses lol.

  • kendo411 says:

    i know you made videos on your tool box, but can you make a video or start a section on tools and gear as far as good buys, stuff to stay away from, explanation on what is for what, example anti seize vs copper anti seize etc.

  • mrjost55 says:

    Hey, is there a reason you decided to do another brake drum video? Aside from explaining the issue of the faulty shoes, isn’t everything else pretty much the same as in that PT Cruiser version?

    Not complaining, just wondering.

  • jimmy weider says:

    Drums last forever.

  • jimmy weider says:

    Back bracks only do 20% of the stopping power.. Not much need for them.

  • jimmy weider says:

    Yeah they suck man.

  • MrBombastic16 says:

    i never liked working on drum brakes… i hate them….

  • sciontest says:

    Most GM rear brake hardware kits comes with a rubber plug so you can knock out the backing plate I guess it depends on the brand. The shop i work at also has a bin with different backing plate plugs it makes adjusting the rear brakes easier when the knock outs are out. Great video man

  • jimmy weider says:

    Eric does not get that pissed all that often, Yes he has got pissed but you will never see him show that,That is why he is Eric the Car guy. , He deals with it, and he also knows that maybe some kids watch his videos, so if you expect him to cuss, dont count on it.

  • lifeinhd says:

    I know, but it’s 2012. They ought to be phased out already in favor of four-wheel disks.

  • christophers1247 says:

    real mechanics no what an what not to take not of in technical manuals i have jacked up many cars vans 4x4s forklifts plant and hgvs by the diff as it is strong enough to carry the weight of the vehicle and you can lift both sides at the same time as long as the jacking point is secure there is no reason the jack should slip. and dont belive haynes i cant tell you how many vehicles i have worked on that have broken due to the owner following a haynes manual.

  • AdversaryOmega says:

    Wow, you really found the time to delete my comment.. now im in the mood to fix something. Thanks alot eric the carcrash guy lol

  • jimmy weider says:

    There are alot of Mechanics on the NET, But no one is as in depth as Eric, he shows you the whole thing all the way, not even step by step you see the whole Job from start to finish , if you need to do it, you just watch the video and you are 100% ok.

  • jimmy weider says:

    Hell yeah , If anyone asks me who showed you that I say Eric The Car Guy, and leave it there.

  • jimmy weider says:

    Guy at my work told me like 80% of the brakeing is actually the front brakes and the rear brakes dont do as much thats why they last so long.

  • dollman0 says:

    Drum brakes have been around a long time, I always replace the hardware due to heat deterioration.

  • dollman0 says:

    You do a great job of teaching people how to do the work safely and explain why things are done this way… I just bought a 97 and it has brake problems, thanks for the video.

  • bobr14764 says:

    зашел в салон посмотрел новый китайский ровер-mg///был ровер да весь вышел…..а очень жаль…была очень достойная машина…китай в очередной раз обосрался.

  • bobr14764 says:

    бесспорно ровер хорош…салон просто супер… но…но… в жизни просто раздевает…тут надо принять его условия( как капризная любовница)…хотя я его по честному очень люблю…но не куплю.

  • MrGigafiga says:

    Мечта… всего 10000 баксов.

  • TheDirexe says:

    запчастей в Москве полно. Взял второй машиной (2литра) за 300т.р. с пробегом в 80т.км, снятый с консервации в 2006, попавший в Россию из Германии в 2009. Отличное дополнение к прожорливой каптиве, да ещё и за копейки.

  • tipsysnake says:

    “макферсон” как раз наоборот дешевый ;)

  • alikaappo48 says:

    Говорят на него запчастей нет илй

  • kat4es says:

    я влюбилась) это самая офигенная  машина!

  • 500karat says:

    какой же он изумительный внутри…

  • PattieLelianw597 says:

    hehe jemand deutsch

  • opasnyeludi says:

    у меня 2 таких было , запчасти не дороже чем на пассат этого же года !
    а удовольствия от него !!!! не саизмеримо

  • opasnyeludi says:

    у меня 2 таких было , запчасти не дороже чем на пассат этого же года

  • volgovod1 says:

    Правый руль был бы лучше, пусть владельцы японских ведер срут кирпичами, у тебя чистокровная АНГЛИЙСКАЯ праворулька.

  • SuperPopec says:

    классная машина!!!

  • topbuzzer85 says:

    a rover 75 !!!!! now that’s gangsta lol

  • FalconsFlame says:

    A review… of a Rover… 75… i think…

  • exceilence says:

    говорят запчасти в 2 раза выше чем на мондео! вот и почему стрёмно его покупать

  • 1358320 says:

    Слав отличная машининка , и жена у тебя умница , одним словом ВЫ МОЛОДЦЫ !!!

  • Сергей Шаталин says:

    Хорошее авто всегда трудно достать(, а жаль.

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