1988 Eagle Premier Dealer Promo Comparison Commercial

A Dealer Comparison video aid for New Eagle Dealers. This car was the platform used by Chrysler to create the LH series of cars. Please note that the vehicles used in this product sport the Renault Diamond Emblem. These cars were produced while Chrysler was aquiring AMC from Renault in the Summer/Fall of 1987. I personally recall seeing my first Premier at the Chrysler Zone Office in Natick Massachusetts. At that time, it did have a Renault Emblem. This car later was used at the Boston Auto Show and had had the the Diamond Emblem removed and the new Eagle Emblem in it’s place.
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25 Responses to 1988 Eagle Premier Dealer Promo Comparison Commercial

  • Adam Giguere says:

    Too bad these are extinct now

  • frankyboi187 says:

    this was my first car got it free from my grandfather

  • Leslie Moore says:

    I had a burgandy 1988 Eagle Premier that I drove for 12 years before I sold it. I loved it. It was solid, safe, roomy, had an awesome 8 speaker sound system, had great pick-up on the highway and excellent miles per gal for the time. It looked like new when I sold it in 2000. The interior was exceptionally modern for the time. It rode like a dream and I loved it.

  • OsbornTramain says:

    yep, but in 89 not 88

  • Goldenrod636 says:

    Did the Eagle have the automatic seat belts?

  • Toni7859 says:

    I have never seen many of these cars personally, but I didnt know they had column shifters…. thats pretty cool. 

  • ohguy1991 says:

    Did they ever think of giving it alittle style to the body> God,how boring can you get?!

  • spoonslap says:

    God theres car had no look or any design … What hell happened to cars during this time..

  • fwbrc51 says:

    yeah my mom had this car and it was a piece of junk. we also had an 83 toyota cressida and that car lasted much longer than the premier and the cressida gave us no problems whatsoever. the build quality of the premier was junk.

    this video is very biased.

  • wendileona says:

    Sir…the car sucks. I don’t care what you are telling me.

  • ramblergarage says:

    these were fantastic cars, I drive one every day and this is out third one!!!!

  • Lumotaku says:

    wow the 4 this car was a dragster lol

  • Lumotaku says:

    the dodge intrepid was an improved version of this car with more reliable american mechanicals.

  • ntxguy says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting all of these videos, awesome…More specifically, the Eagle Premiere is really interesting since it was kind of short lived and somewhat of an underdog.

  • DamnStraightM35A2 says:

    I wonder what the oil consumption rating was?

  • madmanmapper says:

    lol laserdisc, i want a premier now, or a monaco, same thing i think

  • blinkingblythe says:

    Noticed at the end that the video was a Laserdisc due to the rapid cycling through “pages”. :)

  • mcgiant1983 says:

    My first car was a 1991 Premier. Unfortunately, the owner(s) before me used and abused the poor thing. :( It’s too bad, because I bet it was a kick-ass car in its day. It had great breaks, according to my then-stepfather.

  • lild934 says:

    gooo cressida!

  • acronus says:

    Oh god buddy, don’t be stupid. Take the Cressida. Of all the cars on that list, the Cressida is the only one I still see on the road today that doesn’t look embarrasing.

  • carwrtr1 says:

    This was a good looking car, and they drove out very well. It’s too bad Chrysler didn’t do something to help this fine car. Sure, Renault had something to do with it, but SO WHAT? THIS WAS A BETTER DRIVING CAR THAN THE DODGE INTREPID, WHICH REPLACED THIS AND THE MONACO, A MORE SUBTLE VERSION OF THE PREMIER.

  • technics123 says:

    I had 2 Eagle Premier, a 1988 and a 1991.
    Unfortunately i had an accident with the 88, but i drive the other till 350 000 km.
    Very good car.
    Above the competition.

  • OsbornTramain says:

    I owned a 94 Eagle Vision TSI. Then in 1996, I moved to Switzerland. I was shocked at how many I saw in Switzerland. The Swiss do buy more American Car per capita than any other Euro country. It was labeled as a Chrysler Vision in Switzerland.

  • palebeachbum says:

    Sounds like a crap car. Well that explains it!

  • ke228 says:

    Love those old Eagles. They are so rare now!!

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