1971 Chevrolet El Camino FOR SALE HD

www.flemingsultimategarage.com 301.816.1000 Recent frame off restoration, fresh 355 Chevrolet V-8 w roller cam @ 375hp, freshly rebuilt 200R4 overdrive automatic, brand new Cranberry red paint w/ black stripe, SS hood, new black bucket seat interior w/ headliner/carpet/door panels, new…
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25 Responses to 1971 Chevrolet El Camino FOR SALE HD

  • 1999troylee says:

    100 percent agree with U, it’s nothing but a fake/clone/tribute/imposter ss. it has too many things that’s def not an ss. i can spot a fake a mile away. people thinks it sounds better to say “ss” …..and fakes have become a dime a dozen these days, it’s just crazy. Whats so sad is “other” peeps don’t know what a REAL SS is and what a Fake ss is. I have owned several Factory SS’s and currently own 2 with Buildsheets and POP’s to prove it….grins.

  • Billy Mulholland says:

    ROFL that is not an SS dash either……all SS dash instruments are ROUND

  • Billy Mulholland says:

    Thats from triple w chevelles (dot)com/shop/ss_ident(dot)html

  • Billy Mulholland says:

    The 375 horsepower 396 and the 450 horsepower 454 could NOT be ordered with air conditioning. The main reason was that the air conditioning compressors were not suited to the high-rpm nature of the solid-lifter engines. A secondary reason was that the demands of air conditioning on these solid-lifter motors could cause them to overheat if left idling too long with the air conditioning on.

  • jason gee says:

    i want one sooo bad for my first carr! :(

  • CarsandGuns66 says:

    Does it have Air Conditioning???????

  • leadfoot driver says:

    someone make a rally car out of the el camino. i was at a recent rally and the truck class 2wd was won by a ford ranger i think.

  • dojmike says:

    Tailgate is wrong. the 71 does not have the upper center emblem.

  • owie3130 says:

    i loved it until i found out it was automatic

  • chuck7187 says:

    Tony Flemming FIY its a truck not a car know your vehicles! lol and you want to sell it….

  • kassandrasduplex says:

    This not a genuine Super Sport as ALL SS 350 El Caminos in 1971 came with NON functional cowl induction AND all Super Sports in 1971 came with the Super Sport dash gauge instrument cluster. This vehicle has the sweep speedo which is NOT Super Sport. I believe the salesman said this had a 400 HP small block which is what appears to be under the hood, the 396 is not a small block and I am not sure if the ’71 had a 396 option. Either way the air cleaner does not match the motor.

  • oldyuma says:

    Nice rig. Had a 1971 El Camino Green with the white cover..305 wit 4 bbl and dual exhaust, and distributor kit..ran those lonely dusty Arizona roads at 120 mph..

  • vballjunkie1407 says:

    i just jizzed..

  • Edvinas Kmito says:

    im 12 and i want a freacing mucle car becease im from europe !!!!!

  • gwm666 says:

    SS? Not likely.

  • MiroSSSc says:

    @skillsaw94 EXACTLY you are absolutely right this is the true car

  • Bighonkinwalrus says:

    Flemming, holy crap your stuff looks brand new. If I’m ever in need of a series classic search, I will definitely start here.

  • Craig Wayland says:


  • xUNKNOWNxAC94 says:

    this one looks like the ford elite.

  • willyford says:

    wow such nice restored great job :D :D (Y)

  • brobinson75 says:

    Why does it have a 396 air cleaner decal and a small block?  What was the original engine?

  • 68elcaminomustang says:

    Did he say small block? It says 396. He did say he built this car. That’s scarry.

  • TheSHADUSKI says:

    ” whoever gets this car will get a really FAKE SS El Camino” LOL

  • nicktherocker5 says:

    He states early that it is a smallblock, but later it has a 396 big block sticker on the aircleaner. The video description states it is a 355. What motor does it have?

  • josephmelton97 says:

    i got a piece of shit el camino with brand new lambo doors

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