► 2012 Fiat 500

Fiat Returns to the United States with the New 500 Fiat is making its comeback to the North American market at the Los Angeles International Auto Show slated to run from 17 to 28 November. Marking its return is the new 500, a statement of style and “Made in Italy” technological innovation, the heir of a model that became legendary as a veritable icon of motoring. “The Fiat 500 has always been the right car at the right time,” stated Laura Soave, manager of the Fiat brand in North America. “With the new Fiat 500 a truly exclusive car in one of the most rapidly growing segments in North America is being introduced. It offers prestigious Italian design, value and efficiency, all smartly calibrated for our market.” The Fiat 500 satisfies the new generations of Americans who want a captivating, customised, ecologically sustainable and technologically advanced vehicle that reflects their image. “Like the historic model, the new Fiat 500 redefines the concept of transportation and gives a new sense to expression and individual opportunities,” Soave added. “At a time when America is returning to simplicity with renewed attention focussed on the environment, the new car identifies with the current minimalist bent and offers an advanced and eco-sustainable technology enveloped by an aura of top quality, precision and style.” Produced in Mexico and proposed at a starting price of 500, this alluring segment A “four seater” ensures a driving experience and sensations that are
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25 Responses to ► 2012 Fiat 500

  • aquilalegis1 says:

    guys who like this car are gays nuff said

  • Hmoynulz says:

    There’s a saying in London when it comes to FIAT “fart in a tin” or “fix it again tony” SNM

  • VenusCaritas says:

    And for those who think the car is ‘small’ on the inside, they’re wrong. The cabin is spacious, every inch is available. The seats are smaller than many other cars though. Still, it’s a comfortable car around town. A long trip means you need some distractions, like good tunes, or satellite radio. Fun car actually.

  • VenusCaritas says:

    I own one. If you drive it in the rain you have to blast the Bose to drown out the rear wiper motor’s loudness. And flashing the brights sounds like someone is banging on the hood. And when you flip the visor the cardboard roof sounds like you’re in a trashcan. I kid you not. But it’s cute, it’s a lot of fun to drive, and it gets 37 mph.

  • Doggorunning says:

    yea lots of hate here, your not representing us well guys; clean it up

  • Erik Gustafson says:

    There is a fastidious review of the 500 Sport here:

    definitiveautoreview . com/road-tests/fiat/12-fiat-500-sport/

  • higeorgezimmerman says:

    Very true. Most Americans could never buy this car because they are too much like Big Macs and Quarter Pounders which could never fit in this car…..lol

  • algor65 says:

    Watch my little Abarth and buy it! You’ll never regret it! ;-)

  • AdamMilano78 says:

    I love 500 :-) great italian design :-)

  • sweetmollyfilms says:

    it sucks…wow who would drive this f….ing car…..fiat go home..

  • Iginio van Daal says:

    i had one its comfortebel

  • MIGHTYcbu says:

    4 europeans = 1 fat american
    the american version just needs 1 XXXXXXL size seat.

  • Luigi Battista says:

    Many parts of BMW cars are made in Mexico, for instance, the SUV X3, 40% of it is made in Mexico.. same for VW (the beetle, golf and jetta are 100% built in Puebla, Mexico), Audi, Chrysler etc etc..
    I own a BMW Serie1, many parts of it and especially the engine are made in Mexico. So far, I have no complains. Cheers from Mexico.


    very good car!!!!!

  • PiroozAzDirooz says:

    Fiat has had a terrible reputation for decades as a ‘problem car’ since the 1960s.
    So, just like its American cousin the fiat dollar, stay away from it as an investment!

  • quakebot1 says:

    Drove one last week as a rental. I liked it. The power was good and did 80+mph on interstate with very little effort. The automatic transmission is good and the ride is actually very nice. Suspension is firm but still handled bumps gracefully. For the segment it felt like a quality automobile.

    But,….. I could never stomache the cost of a new assembly. There are a lot of options in this cost range and I would really have to shop around. The zero percent financing is inviting though.

  • Anoush13 says:

    There’s something about the 500 which I don’t like. It seems to small and too “cute.” Definitely not a car that I want to be seen in, but the Abarth version on the other hand is so sexy! Just wanna drive that little beast!

  • Napoleon Campins says:

    demaciado bueno ojala algun dia llegue a venezuela

  • boogieman010 says:

    “Seats made a little more comfortable for Americans” Lol I think they called me fat…hahaha

  • Equalswin says:

    Built in Mexico, actually.

  • fantana501 says:

    Please excuse, but is this supposed to compete with the Mini?

  • Lukieo20 says:

    the us version is built in mexico, but the europe one in poland

  • jmmpdfdg says:

    OK so here in Europe we don’t have the 6speed automatic transmission but we do have a 5 speed Robotized gearbox its hard to explain but in the end it does the same work of the automatic transmission . And we do have Glove – boxes in our cars !! Volvo BMW Mercedes Fiat Opel … …

  • jdboatrigr12470 says:

    This is not the Fiat of Old. The Engine is made in Dundee Mich. USA (one of the most advanced Engine plants in the world) and the Auto Tranny is made in Japan by Aisin corp. (Aisin makes trannies for Lexus and others)
    It’s final assembly in Mexico.

  • SagaraSouske says:

    Parent: Hey kid I got you a nice Italian sports car. Kid: What did you get me? A Lamborghini? Maserati? Ferrari :D ? Parent: I got you a nice Fiat. Kid: Oh… :(

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